Your Well-Being this Autumn with Mindfulness & Coaching

In support of your emotional and mental well-being, I would like to share news of upcoming events designed to support you as you develop your best self.

Firstly, I am delighted to share news of my Mindfulness Meditation Classes commencing later this month. Research has proven many times over that having a regular Mindfulness practice increases happiness, reduces stress, improves focus and cognitive function, overall health and much more. Plus, it supports you to live in the most important time there is, the present moment.

Personally, I love Mindfulness because it helps to turn up the dial on our senses and our inner wisdom (intuition). This helps us to connect at a deeper level to the world around us, while encouraging us to live in present moment awareness. Another huge advantage to practicing mindfulness is the rise in our productivity, and in these busy times, who doesn’t want more of that?

If you would like to attend Mindfulness Meditation Classes this Autumn, click the button below or get in touch. I am welcoming all levels from beginners to seasoned practitioners.

Take me to Mindfulness Meditation Classes
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My Coaching Practice has seen a significant increase in two themes:

  1. Clients are seeking to transition career to one with deeper meaning and purpose.
  2. A greater increase than ever before in those seeking the work / life balance and increased quality of life.

These themes are no doubt due to the changes we have lived in recent times. In particular the new WFH and hybrid cultures, each present new opportunities and obstacles. However, I also find that we have become more reflective on what life is truly about and what’s most important to us. Now, people are seeking ways to navigate themselves to enjoy a new normal. For some that is taking their career by the reigns, with an ‘enough is enough’ attitude of determination. Others are seeking ways to instill new boundaries that support their peace, productivity and fulfillment.

I recently wrote a short article on the Top 5 ways that coaching can help you and how I have also devised a choice of Coaching Programs to support your growth and self-discovery. Personal experience has taught me that navigating change and stepping outside our comfort zones is daunting at the best of times, however, I have also learned that taking steps toward desired outcomes can be incredibly rewarding and life changing. I have certainly surprised myself through the years, and I know you have more to give than you realize also.

If you are considering creating your desired normal, get in touch and together I am certain we can make it happen.

Meanwhile, here is a link to that article on how coaching can help you and how.

Book my coaching program now, Hilary!

Finally, to accommodate clients both near and far, I am continuing to see clients over Zoom . I also hold practice in The Palm’s Health & Well-Being Centre, Gorey, Co. Wexford. You can also avail of our much loved, Mindful Walking Coaching sessions.

Until next time, wishing you a safe and wonderful turn of the seasons.



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