Evolution Coaching Calls

Evolution Coaching Calls

Webinar, Video, Conference, Skype, Call

Evolution Coaching Calls are online coaching sessions, one hour in duration over ZOOM.

Find and design your path forward, become your best self with the guidance and support of a professional Coach. Regardless of how practical or philosophical your agenda, I help you to align with clarity. Enabling you to deepen awareness, explore meaning, design a plan and move forward living your best life, being your best self.

Who can benefit from Evolution Calls?

Evolution calls is best suited if you are too far to travel. My coaching clients connect from Dublin to Dubai and Antrim to Australia. Here are the areas where the program can help you:

If you are in a career transition / progression / change

Are a Business owner seeking to build or develop existing or new business

Have you arrived a crisis of meaning and are seeking new purpose and fresh direction in life?

If you have experienced depression / anxiety and have received counselling and are now ready to move forward and build a new life, richer from the pain of mental health

Awareness is at the core of all of my coaching. I believe that we underestimate our wisdom and ability to perform – therefore, I support and guide you to discover the wisdom within, move forward, grow and live your potential.

To arrange a free consultation call, email info@hilaryconnor.com or tel: 086 849 4646.

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