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'The Evolution Coach'

"Hello Friends,

Wishing you a warm welcome to my website

I am Hilary Connor, Author, Executive Life & Neuro Wellness Coach & Hypnotherapist.

I founded my Wellness Practice almost two decades ago and have since been dedicated to helping clients attain personal freedom, growth and clarity.

Through one to one treatments, in Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Guidance Consultations & Spiritual Healing, I help you awaken, align and actualize the power and potential within you.

Hilary Connor Saoirse Hypnsis

I work with clients all over the world from at home in Ireland to USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Spain & France through SKYPE, WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger Apps.

My regular workshops & group coaching programs aim to help you develop your emotional intelligence skills and design the life you want from the inside-out. Why not check out our events page for upcoming residential retreats & online seminars.

Feel free to browse through my website and if you have any questions why not drop me an email or you can contact me @ 086 849 4646."

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Hilary, Heartfelt thanks for creating a

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