Hilary Connor

Mindfulness Based Wellbeing Coach

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Hilary Connor, Mindfulness based Wellbeing Coach, Mentor & Author - Coaching for higher purpose and deeper meaning.

I take a transpersonal approach to coaching for increased mental, emotional and psychological wellbeing and goal attainment.

Life is a lot happier when we have meaning, purpose and connection in both work and our personal lives. When living our purpose, we are more confident and fulfilled and more likely to achieve our goals. Increased well-being supports optimum performance, motivation and clarity. However, life and the mind can get in the way of self-realization - that is where coaching comes in.

My specialist area is Mindfulness Based Wellbeing. My coaching style helps you to live in the present moment, be with what is and learn ways to respond skillfully to stress and stressful situations. Effectively all relationships improve, including your relationship with yourself, your life, loved ones and colleagues. This process is a journey in which I support you every step of the way to develop equanimity and improved mental, emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Life Coaching

Mindful Walking

The Retreat Experience

Corporate Wellbeing

Coaching for Progression / Transition


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