Audio Guidance Reading

Audio Guidance Reading delivered to you via whatsapp/

If you are seeking clarity and guidance but are short on time or live too far away this is the perfect solution help you gain clarity and focused in the right direction.

Why not email me to request, once paid I will send you your reading within two working days.

How does it work?

  1. Contact me via email and request an audio guidance reading.
  2. Let me know which area of your life or concerns you would like me to look at – or if you would like a general reading that’s ok too.
  3. Once I respond, click on the link to pay.
  4. I will send a 30 minute audio forecast packed with guidance via Whatsapp or You can save the reading to your device and listen over and over as many times as you like!

People often ask if you need to be present during your reading and the answer is not at all. Energy and Spirit are omnipresent and not limited by time and space. Hence, once requested, I can tune into your energy regardless of your location. In fact I have a lot of clients whom I have never met in person and built very special connections with. Some are in Ireland and most are right across the globe.

The first thing I do when I sit down to your reading is hit record. Then I tune into your energy and the energy around you. and I connect with your Spirit. I also read the tarot cards, completing a general spread. and relate the messages and guidance to you.

Then I will evaluate what most needs to be addressed and look deeper into this area for you.

My aim is that you receive guidance, clarity and peace of mind. 

If you would like to receive your Audio Guidance Reading within the next two days click the link below and don’t forget to email me with your specific questions.