About Us

Hi I’m Hilary Connor, Author, Holistic Wellness Coach, wishing you a warm welcome to our website!  

I founded my Holistic Wellness Practice founded back in 2003. Over the past 15 years I have become an expert in the field of Well Being, helping and guiding tens of thousands of clients who have come through the doors of my Wellness Practice

Originally I worked one to one as an intuitive consultant focusing on clients mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

In 2004 the practice saw the birth of meditation and mindfulness groups & workshops, each placing the focus on helping participants find inner peace and calm in a world where stress and anxiety levels are on the constant increase.

Hypnotherapy became part of the practice in 2011 as a result of a progressive journey working with clients in the area of deep healing, releasing trauma and pain. My aim when working with clients is to guide them along the progressive journey to release self-limiting, destructive belief patterns, leading to personal development and growth.

In August 2018 I released my debut fiction novel, Saoirse which was written as a labor of love to acknowledge traumatic events held in Ireland’s Social History and as a way forward through harrowing adversity to deep healing for all.

My passion has always been centered in teaching how each of us has the innate ability to step in our highest potential for greatness and create the best versions of ourselves possible. It is a daily commitment and discipline that begins with affirming self-love and self-acceptance

To date the practice has grown and due to our world becoming smaller the Hilary Connor Holistic Wellness Practice consults with clients from all over the world offering help, guidance and support on how to be the very best version of you possible.

The training attained to help me do the work is as follows:

    I am currently undertaking advanced training with Trinity College, Dublin studying an Advanced Diploma in Executive, Life & Neuro Performance Coaching.

  • 2015 Advanced Hypnosis Training NLP & Parts Therapy
  • 2014 Reiki Level II
  • 2013 Mediumship Training, James Van Praagh
  • 2013 Past Life Regression Therapy, Past Life Regression Ireland
  • 2012 Diploma in Training
  • 2011 Certified Consulting Hypnotist, with Martin Kiely, Cork (NGH, National Guild of Hypnotists)
  • 2003 Certified Spiritual Healer Practitioner, CHA UK. (Corinthian Healing Association)
  • 2001 Certificate in Counselling, NUI Maynooth

Hilary has featured as a guest on many national and international radio stations, e.g: Alchemy Radio, Southeast Radio, Dublin City FM. Her book has featured in the Irish Independent and Woman’s Way Magazine sought her expertise on Past Life Regression. More locally she has featured in The Guardian Newspapers offering insight into her intuition and how it works. She has also been guest speaker at many seminars & events and holds regular Motivational Talks on Mindful Empowerment, Spiritual & Personal Development courses, workshops & online seminars where she enjoys helping people to realise the potential for greatness within each and every one of us.

You can book Hilary to share her wisdom & help with you in the following ways:

  • Motivational Speaker & Health & Wellness Seminars and Events
  • Radio Broadcasting Interviews
  • Spiritual & personal development workshops & groups
  • One to one treatments for Spiritual Guidance Readings, Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Hypnosis & Spiritual Healing.