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Signing up to Hilary’s Own

Signing up to Hilary’s Own Your Power Course was one of the best decisions I ever made! Each week I couldn’t get over how perfect this course was for me and how much I was getting out of it. After completing this course I feel more in touch with my self and my inner world, I am much more aware of my inner dialogue and the self limiting beliefs that were standing in my way. The guidance and support from Hilary throughout was invaluable. I have been raving about this course to whoever will listen! It was the exact thing I needed to uncover beliefs I held but wasn’t even aware of, and aided in overcoming these. Each lesson was straight forward and explained well and gave me the tools to continue the work. This course has helped me develop my confidence and helped me on my journey of becoming the person I want to be. It has helped me let go of old traumas that were weighing me down, and has helped me get clarity on my life’s purpose and how I want my business and life to evolve. From the bottom of my heart Hilary, thank you so much! <3

Rachael Jordan

Such An Incredible Experience with

Such An Incredible Experience with Hilary such a Wonderful Teacher and Healer sharing so openly from her heart her own wisdom and knowledge with us all who attended the Heart and Soul Retreat at such a Beautiful setting in Monalea Barn, allowing one time to retreat and enabling you to go within for the answers guided by such a spirited Hilary in a safe haven. I’m contemplating my next retreat, such connection with such a soulful group of people.
Thank you Hilary for such a Heartful, Soulful Retreat 💗

Isobel Flynn

I had a truly insightful,

I had a truly insightful, empowering and enjoyable weekend with Hilary and our lovely group at Monalea Barn during the Heart and Soul Retreat. The meditations and workshops were both powerful and valuable. Healing the Inner Child meditation particularly was such an insightful experience. The Retreat is situated in the quiet scenic setting of the Wicklow mountains. We all enjoyed delicious home cooked food too. Thank you Hilary you are such a caring and special lady. I will certainly return for your next Retreat.
Philippa, Blackrock

Philippa Creasey

I attended Hilary’s Empowering Choices

I attended Hilary’s Empowering Choices workshop and I certainly feel energised and empowered as a result. The content was easy to integrate due to Hilary’s clear approach, yet has huge benefits that go deep into the subconscious with the hypno-relaxation session at the end. Hilary genuinely cares about her participants and is both humble and passionate in her nature and facilitation. I am so glad and grateful to have attended and to have shared the openness of the other participants. I would recommend this to everyone that needs help to move forward with their life or simply with a project. I began mine the very next morning!

Melanie Seed

If you feel stuck in

If you feel stuck in a rut, have put things on the back-burner or procrastinate, this workshop will help get your motivation started! I was putting my past goals on the long finger and fed up with myself for doing it – yet still wouldn’t do anything. After this workshop I am asking myself all those questions I used to, to motivate myself. Post recession weariness had taken the ‘get up and go’ I used to have. Had nearly written off my previous aspirations but after this workshop I feel fired up and determined! I’m setting goals for the first time in years and feel capable of following through on them now. If you feel this way, then this is the workshop for you – get your creative juices working again! Thank you Hilary for delivering an insightful and inspiring workshop.

Rachael Duffy

I went to Hilary’s Empowering

I went to Hilary’s Empowering Choices Workshop and found it to be a very insightful and incredibly helpful experience. Hilary is a lovely warm person and I felt at ease and comfortable to share some personal experiences that I wouldn’t normally be so open about. I feel more confident and motivated to accomplish my goals and to really think about what I want out of life. I look forward to hopefully working with Hilary again in the future.

Lauren Keogh

Caroline Keogh

I had hypnotherapy with Hilary and I can honestly say it turned my life around. She is a wonderful, warm, empathetic lady, professional and accomplished, full of wisdom and insight. I felt very blessed to have met her and would highly recommend her to anyone who is stuck and needs guidance, support n encouragement to live the life that is meant for you. ❤️❤️❤️

Wow what an amazing workshop.

Wow what an amazing workshop. It has helped immensely to overcome blocks. I feel so empowered and focused that it has taken me a few weeks to write this as I’ve been so proactive in a new venture busy busy it feels so good to have the tools to work on all that was blocking me. I am so grateful to Hilary for this,yet words can’t seem to justify it. A gazillion thank you xxxx

Eileen McGrath

‘Whether you think you can

‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right’. Having attended Hilary’s Empowering Choices Course I can definitely say that I left thinking ‘I can’! Firstly Hilary herself is a natural guide, communicator & her passion for wanting to help others shines through. I found this course to be engaging & uplifting thanks to Hilary’s guidance & the other truly inspiring participants on the day. I really am looking forward to the next one!!

Teresa Hudson

Hilary, Heartfelt thanks for creating a


Heartfelt thanks for creating a magnificent space today at your empowering choices workshop in Gorey.

Your delivery and calmness throughout enabled trust and encouragement.
The pre course work was very simple and important at setting the scene and getting the most value from the workshop.

The material and activities used were really manageable and I loved the hypno relaxation which allowed a deeper space to bring power to actions and move forward.

Highly recommend for anyone feeling stuck or needing a reset on values in order to change and move forward in any aspect of life.

Wonderful to meet you Hilary



HilaryOMG….😍😘😘I attended your Empowering Choices



I attended your Empowering Choices Course this morning…it went waaayyyy beyond my expectations of what I thought I would get from the course…on a few levels..
Your delivery… your presence your engagement with the various attendees… and ease was exceptional…as for the course material…it’s really opened my eyes….to STOP second guessing my self and decisions …and to remain standing within my own truth…to work on self belief..and pay more attention to my gut instinct…which… ultimately..in the end…is what we all roll back to..
As an example of where I can instantly see the positive effects of your course this morning…I stopped off to do a bit of retail therapy…I found myself (for once) trying on clothes that before I would have thought would do noting for me…I’m the proud new owner of a new outfit that ..if I went in yesterday..I knew I would have not given a second glance too..🤣
Sooo…I am keeping your beautiful mantras in mind and taking on board your neuro science guidance and rewiring my thinking …change cones from within
I cannot wait for your next course

Thank you Thank You Thank You



Robert, Wexford

‘I attended coaching with Hilary for career change/progression. Her sessions were professional and focused, which enabled me to explore, gain clarity and prioritize my goals. Hilary’s style is relaxed and confidential and I would highly recommend Hilary and be sure to avail of her coaching services again in the future.’ 

Deirdre, Wicklow

‘I attended coaching with Hilary to gain clarity about my work and its future direction. I really benefited from the coaching. Hilary’s non-judgmental, goal-oriented approach helped me to clarify my goals and to action them in a way that moved me forward in my thinking and doing. The sessions helped me to outline for the first time the areas that I want to focus on. This is significant for me in terms of being an active agent in my self-employment rather than a passive reactor. Hilary’s coaching style is relaxed yet focused, gently challenging in an empowering way. I felt totally supported in my journey. I found the sessions thought-provoking in a supportive atmosphere. Throughout each session I felt supported in Hilary’s compassion & empathy, her humour and her ability to bring conversation back to how to make goals achievable.’ 

Sharon, Wexford

What can I say?

After 14 years of entrapment due to phobias and a need to control every situation, I finally decided to get help. As a nurse and a bit of a skeptic I visited Hilary with little hope that she could help me. To my amazement, Hilary literally set me free or I should say Hilary gave me the tools, the skills and the confidence to free myself. She coached me in the area of neuroscience with great techniques to change my thoughts!

I am free

Sammy Joe, Wexford

“I have seen Hilary for readings/guidence for many years now (generally once a year) I always leave a lighter person than when I walked in. I go in with questions and don’t ask one as Hilary already answers them beforehand and hits the nail on the head every time, she knows what I need and can guide me through life and ease my worries. Hilary has such a kind warm heart and is very approachable, I can’t wait to read her book and I would highly recommend Hilary!”


“I came across Hillary after counseling sessions. Counselling helped to heal my soul but I needed to reconnect with my inner self. Through her readings Hillary has helped me to listen to my inner voice, trust my instinct and be more confident. I now live a much better and fulfilled life. Thanks so much for being you Rose xxx”

Alan Murphy, Donegal

“I feel very privileged and grateful to have had Hilary as a guide in my life. 10+ years of readings have brought me to a place of self discovery that I’m sure I wouldn’t have experienced had I not experienced her truly wonderful gifts of knowing. I can honestly say that where I am in life right now is attributed to her work through her readings and workshops. A true Source of Light on this plane.”


“Hilary has a beautiful, loving energy as a medium and during the readings I have had over the past 6 or 7 years I have always felt supported and completely at ease. The spirit world gives us signs on a daily basis but often we are not tuned in enough to notice. Hilary has conveyed messages to me from those who have passed over and I have both laughed and cried (in such a healing way). As she read my cards she provided great insight into matters which at a deep soul level I already felt but when she vocalized them this reignited a spark in me and fueled my motivation. I owe her a lot of thanks for her understanding in holding me in a space of grief when needed and channelling the perfect words to allow me to see how protected I am by those who have gone before me. She is a true gem!”

Sarah, Wexford

“The past year and a half have been difficult to say the least and I want to highly recommend Hilary in her capacity as a spiritual healer/counsellor. I’ve been working with many many counsellors the last few years and how Hilary works is just amazing. Head and shoulders above them. We met around 6 times over the year and the changes that have occurred for me are astounding to say the least. She is the most subtle guide that helps you to find your own truth for your highest good and empowering you at the same time. Without judgement and with total compassion.
If you are working through an issue I can only say it will be the best investment in yourself you will ever make”

Amanda, Wexford

‘Thank you Hilary for my reading last week, I have never had such a wonderful, emotional and uplifting reading. You are truly talented I’ve told everyone I meet xx’

Elaine, Wicklow

“I have had readings, hypnosis, past life regression and mediumship training with Hilary and cannot recommend her highly enough. She is an amazing lady. :-)”

Sarah, Wexford

“I cannot recommend the ultimate life changing course enough folks. I did the course in the begining of the year and I cannot believe how much it has helped my life. Its well worth taking part in it really does change your life!!”


“Having finished the program my life has had a dramatic change for the better my confidence is at it’s highest which has allowed me to grab some amazing opportunities that I would have allowed pass me by in the past and am looking forward to seeing where these opportunities take me .
My home life has improved as my patience seems endless and my boys are loving it . My energy has also improved greatly, in the past I had a issue with procrastination but now I’m looking for more time in the day to do more . One of the most powerful gifts I attend from this program is that my days of constant worry are over and the peace this gives me is priceless .I will be eternally grateful to you and am amazed at how a few short weeks can make such am empowering change .
Every day in every way I get better and better!!
Eternally grateful
Mary x”

Ann, Wexford

“…I find i have had a growth in confidence and especially around people,I feel much calmer and at ease with people than i used to,and much calmer in myself,the worry factor is not as strong.I do find though that i do not use the techniques now,i actually forget to use them.I have to get back in on that routine – the feeling calm confident etc.Wow have the effects lasted that long since doing the course.??…”

Claire, Wexford

Claire came to us with a fear of driving on her own, we received this email 6 months later….
‘ Hilary,

‘Just thought of you today, when I woke up and realised how frosty it was outside and that I had to drive in THAT!!!!!
It didn’t bother me in the slightest!!!!! Hooraaaaay!!!!
I have yourself to thank for my new found faith in myself, thank you so much!!’

Meave, Kildare

‘I cannot thank Hilary enough for her help, it’s been very beneficial, I feel a new chapter has begun….’

Michelle, Wexford

‘You have provided me with such insight & comfort Hilary and that is very much appreciated. I think you are amazing at what you do & thank you for sharing your gift with us’

Anne-Marie, Wexford

‘Hilary, I have had two wonderful readings with u and have always left on a high. So positive, relaxing and spiritual.’,

Mary, Kildare

‘Hilary, you are a brilliant medium. You totally blew me away when I first saw you on platform. The depth of caring and professionalism you show are fantastic.  Keep up the good work, xxx’

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