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The OWN YOUR POWER PROGRAM will return in Autumn 2021. Register your interest here for updates when released. 

Time: 7 pm –  8 pm GMT

Course format: Live Online via ZOOM 

Are you suffering from impostor syndrome? Do haunting doubts and low self-belief hold you back from claiming your place and everything that is already yours? If so, read on.

You were born with a purpose to fulfill. You are unique and you have gifts and talents that no one else has. No one else on the planet can do life the way you can. The only problem is that you have turned the volume down on your essence and forgotten your power. Now, it’s time to claim it back.


In the OWN YOUR POWER program, I take you through the steps to:


  1. Claim back your Power
  2. Rise from Fear
  3. Transform your Life

This program is for you if you are seeking a platform and way to get passed obstacles holding you back from happiness, success and the full expression of who you are. Throughout, I support you through your healing and transformational journey using three modalities:


  1. Spiritual Awareness 

You are energy. A divine being having a human experience. In the first module we delve into Divine Law, Manifestation, and practical and experiential reminders that you are part of ALL that IS. There is also a strong focus on mindfulness practices in this module, developing reflection skills and deepening self-awareness and self insight.

  1. Neuroscience

No, it’s not boring. In fact, you will be surprised how relevant neuroscience is to your everyday life in the most practical ways. You will understand the role that your brain and central nervous system plays in how you feel and the choices you make. What’s more, you will remember how powerful you really are and discover ways to easily change how you think, feel and behave.

  1. The Subconscious Mind

Most of our fears come from an association in the subconscious mind. Sometimes, when asked why we’re afraid we don’t even know, but at some deep level we remember being hurt before. We learned to fear standing out, being different or taking chances. We learned to be silent or we learned that we’re not good enough. None of this was ever true and it’s time to dissolve old subconscious beliefs and pave a new way forward.


As a Spiritual Coach for over 20 years and a Hypnotherapist for over a decade I have seen fear in my clients. I have also seen them transform and remember who they really are. I have stood witness to clients rediscovering and claiming their power while letting go of the old outworn ways that held them down for too long. In this program I have taken the best practices from three of the most dominant influences in human psychology and created a program that supports your transformation and taking ownership of your greatest self, one step at a time. 

It’s time to stand in your truth, claim your power and be the YOU that you came here to be. Wave goodbye to 2020 and outworn subconscious patterns too.

This program is like no other, because it combines teachings on:

  1. The quantum and spiritual realms of reality
  2. The subconscious mind
  3. Scientific structures and teachings.

You will learn how these three fields relate to the function and dysfunction of your life. You will also gain deeper insight into how effective you are in your world and the unlimited power that resides within you to change what is not working. You will also learn how to change it.


Some of the topics we will cover are:

Remembering that you are a Spirit Being having the human experience – not the other way round


Raise your vibrational frequency

The Law of Attraction & more on Universal Law

Understand how your brain works and how to take control

Finding your Why – Exploring your purpose & meaning

Develop a new level of self-certainty and self-trust

Feel the fear and do it anyway – and by doing so, you rise

Heal subconscious wounds, create new experiences

Claim your Power

If you are ready to wave goodbye to 2020 and all that is holding you back from the fullest expression of who you are, take the next step now to Own Your Power and live your dream life.

Self investment: €297

(Weekly / bi-weekly payment plan available, email info@hilaryconnor.com for details)

Contact Hilary @ (+353) 0868494646 with any questions or for further information.


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