A Powerful Message from Spirit

Imagine a child sits an exam.

He does not do too well.

At least not as well as he could.

Let’s say he scores 50% and the test is in mathematics.

When he goes home to his parent and shares how he did, does the parent scold and reject them?

Of course not. Sure, they might be a little disappointed at first, but their unconditional love as always rises to the surface.

She sits the child down and explains that they are going to examine what went wrong – why his marks fell and he did not do as well as he could have done.

The parent knows there will be time in the coming days in which together, they can go back over the work.

She also uses this time to help the child reconnect with his confidence and awareness of his ability to learn, recall and rise.

And so, with his parents help and guidance the child:











Together they create a new plan that serves the best way forward.

But something else is rekindled during this reflection and it happens somewhere around the time that the child remembers his ability and reconnects with his confidence.

… It is a shift….

Within the security of his parent’s love, the child remembers his truth, who he is and what he is capable of.

And it is this very experience that sits in his subconscious driving him forward for the rest of his days.

He goes on to do great things. Things far beyond what he ever imagined possible. All because his parent sat him down in a disaster and took the time to help him remember who he is. He no longer gets distracted by unimportant things that do not serve his greatness. Instead he lives life exploring and giving and sharing the experience of who and what he can create.

But this of course is an analogy. The child refers to us humans. And the parent, to Source energy.

The Point being:

  1. All is well, and we are loved unconditionally.

  2. We can do better, and Source knows this. We have just become distracted by things that do not serve our growth and evolution.

This time is an opportunity, a space to go back home and re-evaluate. Reform. Relearn. Remember. Because when we remember who we are, where we come from and why we are here, something shifts inside of us.

We return to awareness and know that in order to serve our greatest truth we need to do things differently.

This is the case on both individual and collective consciousness.

During my own inquiry and channeling throughout this time, this is the repeated message my own spirit guides and spirit team have shown me. And I became curious about all the re words. Remember, reform restructure re-evaluate and so on. I researched the prefix and here is what I found.

re in Latin originally meant to ‘go back home’ to return to the source. And like the intelligent child whose parent knew they can do better, Source is giving us the opportunity now, during disaster and pandemic to return home, to go back and reconnect and reflect. To reform and restructure a new way forward that, in time will become our new normal.

A new way in which:

1. We are focused on what is important,

2. Serves our greatness, our truth, our evolution and each other.

Yes, it will take time and commitment. But now is a chance to make better, create better and do better.

Thank you,

Hilary x

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