Life & Soul Sessions

Life & Soul Sessions – Guidance from a Higher Perspective.

The Life & Soul sessions offer a liberating pathway when life feels limiting and restrictive. The sessions are particularly helpful if:

  • You’re trapped in a cycle of questions and repeated unwelcome patterns.
  • Lost sight of who you are or what you want.
  • Are facing life changing decisions.
  • Have recently or are currently transitioning to a new phase in life.

These one-to-one sessions help you find clarity in the midst, peace in your heart and certainty around the path forward.

With the wisdom of twenty years of spiritual guidance experience and evidenced-based mindfulness & coaching interventions, I empower you to find clarity amidst the chaos, rediscover your true self, your purpose, and the path to a fulfilling, joyful life. Together, we navigate the current complexities of life, amplifying what works and releasing what doesn’t. This powerful combination of spirituality, mindfulness, and coaching guides you to define actionable steps that resonate with your truth and cultivate a profound sense of peace and ownership of your life.

Ultimately, you will witness an uplifting sense of clarity around direction and more effective communication with yourself and others, knowing what is truly important to you. Decisions will no longer be confusing, and you will have the tools to become unstuck from life’s unwelcome challenges and problems. This is because you will deeply understand who you are, where you are going, and how to align your actions with your truth.

What can I expect during my session

The Life & Soul sessions are structured in three parts.

First, we clarify the areas you would like to focus on, including the challenges you currently face and areas of uncertainty and confusion.

Next, using my intuition, I tune in to your energy, spirit guides and the sentient beings accompanying you during the session. I also consult the tarot cards and relate their guidance and wisdom to help clarify your options, dissolve uncertainty and identify clear paths forward.

Finally, based on the guidance and how you feel and think, I support you through evidence-based coaching and mindfulness interventions to help you align with your truth and integrate clarity around:

  1. The most progressive steps forward.
  2. The tools and skills to sustain confidence and nurture alignment in your truth.
  3. The skills to train your mind to live your purpose and cultivate a connection with a deep sense of peacefulness.

All sessions take place online and can be recorded if you choose.


Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I book my Life & Soul Session?

Bookings can be made by email, WhatsApp or phone call.

Email: | WhatsApp & Phone (+353) 868494646

How long is my session?

1 hour

How do I pay?

I accept payments via Revolut, PayPal or bank transfer.

Revolut & PayPal handle: @hilaryconnor

IBAN: IE17AIBK93115202531046

How much is the session?

Up to 1st September 2024: €65

From 1st September 2024: €80

About Hilary

Hilary is a highly experienced intuitive coach and mindfulness teacher. She opened her spiritual well-being practice in 1999. Throughout the early years she grew a global clientele by helping people through spiritual guidance sessions.

She holds a Master of Science in Mindfulness-based Well-being and a Higher Diploma in Coaching & Coaching Psychology from University College Cork. Hilary is accredited in Executive Coaching with Neuroscience. She is also highly trained in building workplace resilience and mindfulness in the workplace. Her clients range from education, IT, financial, health sectors, and entrepreneurs. She regularly works with the Department of Education, the Department of Environment, the HSE, and Adult Education in the Community Development Sector.

With extensive life and professional experience, Hilary is committed to supporting people in healing, thriving, and flourishing. Her intuition and evidence-based interventions guide her authentic desire to help people re-connect with their essence and discover the peace and transformational power within the human spirit, which is the grounding motive that guides all of her work.