What if the thing you thought wasn’t an option actually is?

What if the thing you thought wasn’t an option actually is? And choosing that option was the best way forward.

The truth is that it’s not an option because you keep telling yourself so. In other words, your belief about the option determines what you think.


For example:

Belief: I can’t leave my job,

Truth: Yes, you can. There are lots of jobs within that big, beautiful world out there.

Option: Leave your job and find one you’re happy in.


Belief: I can’t close my business even though I no longer enjoy it.

Truth: Yes, you can close your business. You have the brain, skills and passion to build another one.

Option: Close the business and build one you love.


Belief: I have to go to that event.

Truth: No, you don’t. Your self-care is more important.

Option: Decline the invitation and savour the time doing something you love instead.

Before this sounds like a debunk of responsibility, it is the complete opposite. This post is about taking responsibility for you, your life and the experience you have living it.


The most important thing we will ever have in this lifetime is the power to choose. Our choices create the life we lead and the experiences we have. But some strategies help to create the reality you love.

One approach is to choose your attitude first and then choose your direction. Then, focus on your direction and keep going with a passionate heart and pragmatic brain.

Lastly, remember this:

Your thoughts are real but not necessarily true. Thoughts derive from beliefs. Beliefs derive from experiences. Beliefs are always to be examined, challenged and evaluated.

So, as you contemplate your plans for 2024, reflect on what options you are ignoring because you believe they are not an option. Now, turn toward them, sit with them for a few moments and notice what happens in your heart and your body.

So, what’s stopping you?

Fact or yourself?



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With love,

Hilary x

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