The Heartbreak & Healing in Soul Emerging

Sometimes to do what’s right is like taking the sharpest knife and slowly etching through your heart, tearing it wide open. The pain is excruciating, deep, and shocks through your whole body.

Some call you crazy for stepping outside the lines, but your soul whispers a deeper truth. Beneath the consequential story you have been told to wear lies the dormant experience of self-discovery, and you know it is time to shake it from its slumber.

Your courage finds you suspended in the unknown. Like the heaviest cloud, darkness surrounds you. Rock solid bollards shackle your ankles, pulling you into resonance of the deepest sadness. Day in day out you wear the heartbreak, waiting for strength to arrive.

Grief becomes a familiar necessity.

You feel the constant light of hope flow through your spine and fill your system. Its glow is the only encouraging presence right now. You grab hold of it like a raft in a turbulent sea. Some days are calm, others a relentless fight.

You look forward in sheer determination that you will become, not despite the pain but because of the knife.

Your DNA does its thing, new proteins, new cells creating a new you. You look forward to new dawns and stay present in the becoming.

The pain continues to release. Tsunami’s of grief have less force. You remind your eyes to take in the beauty of each new day.

Meanwhile, the higher purpose of your heartbreak begins to shine. Slowly, like an endless sunrise, your soul begins to emerge.  It’s a flicker at first, only visible in moments of reflective awareness. Day by day, moment by moment you become aware of its light filling your cells and aligning your mind. The true you. The liberated you. The peaceful you. The you that looks forward with hope, courage, and certainty. The you that has joy. The you that smiles through nothing but light and hope and gratitude.

The light in your soul radiates now. Its glow soothes every room and brings wisdom to confusion. You stand tall, a constant echo of your new vibrational sound and you know, that your growth is by virtue of the pain.

Sporadic moments catch your mind wandering back to what was lost and what should have been. You feel the memory stab your heart cells. You take a moment and glance around. You feel your body renewed and light, present in the peace that you have created.

You look above and thank a Higher Power, knowing that for your soul to rise and for you to become, you had to release all that did not see your Beautiful Truth.

In this transformational moment, you are free.

Hilary Connor x

Spiritual Guidance Consultation

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