Spiritual Guidance Consultation

Spiritual Guidance-Mediumship Reading, Hilary Connor Spiritual Development Centre, Gorey, Wexford


From July 2020 I am conducting all Spiritual Guidance and Coaching Sessions over Whatsapp/Skype/ZOOM. Thank you for your continued and new connections.

A Spiritual Guidance Consultation is the most popular of all my treatments and always has been.

That’s because as humans we naturally seek to grow and truly live the life we came here to experience. We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. This journey called life is for discovering your potential and experiencing who you truly are. Everyone has a unique purpose and your purpose is to unlock the potential within and live your truth.

However, at times that’s easier said than done, because to explore our potential we need to make choices and step beyond the discomfort of our comfort zones. Taking those steps can be a gateway to doubt, fear, confusion and pretty much a whole load of chaos scrambling around in our minds.

The truth is, fear has a purpose. It’s just doing its job and is there to keep us safe – and that’s ok – to a point. But when fear is holding you back from living your truth – it’s time to re-evaluate.

How your Spiritual Guidance Consultation helps:

A Spiritual Guidance Consultation helps you align with your power, front and centre in the driving seat of your life.

During the process you find clarity and clear the mist of chaos and confusion lying stagnant in your mind. You also gain the foresight and focus that you can’t find during times of change or confusion.

My role is to:

  1. Help you find that clarity by exploring your options
  2. Guide and support you with insight.

To do so I use my gift of second sight and tune into realms beyond the third dimension. I converse with your Spirit Guides, Angels and loved Ones who have left the earth plane. I also take a look at your energy field which reveals deep insight and brings clarity. In all of my Spiritual Guidance Consultations I read the tarot cards.

There is a force within you that is unbelievably powerful, but fear can throw that part of you into the back seat. I, along with your Spiritual team help you tap back into that force, so as you feel it, you know it and breakthrough those irrational fears, confident in your own power. The heaviness of confusion lifts and clarity takes over, enabling you to know what you truly want, focused on your destination, armed with the quiet confidence that tells you, ‘You’ve got this.’

When you align with your power you naturally silence the limitations of the mind. You also align with the potential the Universe has to offer you. From there, all the right people, circumstances, conversations and opportunities naturally show up and you get on with the experience of life.

What’s more, the Universe will support you – and so will I..

To arrange an appointment feel free to call or email, I would be delighted to help.

There are two options for Guidance Consultations:

Option 1: A general reading plus high focus on a specific area of concern. During which I tune into your Spiritual Team of helpers: your Spirit Guides, Angels and Loved Ones in Spirit to channel their guiding messages and comfort to you.  

Session Duration: 40 mins. Fee: €60

Option 2: In depth holistic guidance consultation which combines neuroscience coaching with spiritual guidance. Together we focus on all areas of life and explore your questions and curiosities. We also discuss insights into options available that will enable you to move forward, providing thorough guidance and strategic planning for your growth.

Session Duration: 1 hour Fee €90

By the end of both sessions you will be aligned in your power and have full clarity for your onward journey.

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