How to journey through the craziest time of year

December has arrived. Here we go, into the madness of the craziest time of year.

For many it is the most difficult time of year. Grief on all levels rises to the surface and so many just want to go asleep and wake up when it’s all over.

Personally, I love Christmas. Not because I have no grief or no sadness, but through that grief I have learned to look beyond and see what else, because just like life, there are sad times and there are happy times, good relationships and experiences filled with the everlasting flow of love and joy and then there are those that test us and fill us with an emptiness inside.

This Christmas look beyond the emptiness. Along with the pain and the sadness remember there is magic in this time of year. Belief in it or not, it’s called The Christmas Spirit and it is present in your heart when you allow it to be. It’s in the eyes of your children, the hearts of your loved ones, your friends and even the stranger that shares a smile and a nod as they pass you on the street. It’s in the voices of the ‘thank you’s’ and the Carol singers. It’s in the bright, crisp fresh mornings and warm, cozy evenings, amid the glow of the fire and glistening tree.

It is in your heart.

This Christmas take care. Love the you that you are and love those who are close. Take in the joy in their eyes and celebrate the sacred connection. Because in the end, that’s all that really counts and that’s what Christmas is all about, the connections we have and the love in same. That love gives birth to the joy in the moment. Those moments become memories to cherish for a lifetime. They are vessels that hold the magic that comes from giving and they live on in our hearts forever.

So this Christmas give love and receive love and know, the more you give to those open to receive – the payback of experience will be priceless. That’s the magic of Christmas¬†🙏💜🎁

with love,

Hilary x

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