Intuition and Connection

With all my clients it is within the first five seconds of our session that I connect with their energy. This, for me is the most potent part of the whole session. It’s quite like looking at a map and getting my bearings as to ‘where they are’.

The light I see around you in those moments tells me your state of mind, your emotional state and what is going on for you. I won’t necessarily know the circumstances around the energy, but it will show me its density, its effect and the stage it’s at and that’s how I know what needs to be addressed during the consultation.

I also see your strength, your inner knowing and the part of you that has sought out someone like me to help you get back in touch with that strength. That said, it is reasonable to say that there is another part of you that knows you are stronger than you think. That same part of you recognises that you have lost touch with your strength and are seeking help to reconnect.

So, what is that part of you – The Strength? Why do we disconnect from it? And how do we become one with it again and feel whole and complete? The type of wholeness that gives clarity and peace of mind, even though nothing has changed at the level of circumstance.

That part of you is your INTUITION – Your Inner Teacher, your inner knowing, in-tell-igence. It is the part of you that is connected to all that is. In other words, the superpower that lies beyond human understanding.
We can all relate to the fact that we have 5 senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. But give the following questions a few moments’ thought.

When was the last morning you walked from your hall door to your car and listened to the birds singing high in the trees? Or did you rush to your car battling the elements, against the clock, rooting in your bag or tapping your pockets for your keys, double checking you have your phone and checking the time again?

When did you last sit down and taste your meal? Really inhale the aromas of the food and taste the flavours as they explode in your mouth? Or did you rush your lunch while scrolling through the app on the five-inch device in your hand?

When did you last hold a conversation and really listen to what the other was saying, really hear them, without your mind filling with thoughts of how you are going to respond while they are still talking?

When did you last stroke a blade of grass, feel the bark of a tree, or stop and feel the breeze in your face? Or did you rush on by oblivious to your surroundings in haste to your destination.

When did you last feel the sand beneath your feet or soil fall through your fingertips?

And when was the last time you really hugged someone – to be fair I think this one tops the mark because I still feel when humans hug, most of us really hug.

OK. I am fully aware some of you have skimmed past those questions to get to the next part – if you did, that is my point.

It has been scientifically proven that we humans in supposedly first world society are using 2% of our brian power.

2% !!
2% ? !

To me that’s astonishing. But, it’s true, To function on auto pilot ie: wake up, take a shower, brush teeth, have breakfast, get to work etc we only need to tap into 2% of our brain power. And that has become the way in which we are living our lives, most of the time, on auto pilot.

What does this have to do with intuition?

We are not just human machines. We are spirit beings having a human experience.

We are here to create, share, learn and grow. To do so we need connection, both to each other and to Mother Nature.

We experience the world through our five senses.

I’m sure you have noticed the stunning Autumn colours warm our landscapes with its beauty during these October days. The gold and copper crisp leaves fill our trees, our footpaths, fields and driveways. Bring that image to mind and hold it for a moment and bring you attention to your heart, notice how those Autumnal images make you feel. Notice the connection, the something that you can’t quite describe why it helps, but it helps. Notice the stress fall away from your limbs as you become more relaxed. On some level those images awaken a clarity within you.

THAT’S THE CONNECTION. Quite like an instant momentary restoration reset.

Yet we live on autopilot and wonder why we feel disconnected.

Imagine you live in a womb, called planet earth, the placenta is the life force that carries infinite providence from Mother Nature. Her providence feeds you with all that you need in which to grow, create, experience and share with the world around you. Even though we can never understand where the providence is coming from or how it gets there on a humanistic level, part of us trusts it and knows it is in endless supply. In much that same way as a child in utero trusts his mother, and knows that he is at one with his mother, relate this to your life right now and ask what would you do differently if you completely trusted the universe, in the knowing that you and the universe are one in the same? Quite like Rumi says:

‘We are not a drop in the ocean we are the entire ocean in a drop’

The Universe whispers her messages every day, through her subtle, powerful sounds, sights, touch, taste and smell. Yet we are distracted in autopilot, forgetting to notice the voice of wisdom and feel at one with the all there is, and whole within ourselves.

We wonder why there is a sense of lack in our lives,

The many complex systems in our human anatomy hold the intelligence to identify problems, heal itself, let us know what our body needs, it tells us when we are hungry, thirsty, tired and so on. Not only that, our brain has the capacity to develop far beyond a measure that we have even discovered.
Yet we live life at the level of function.

We disregard the five senses while the ever-present conversation the Universe is having with us goes both disregarded and unheard, because we think we are too busy to stop and hear, feel, see and know.

Imagine if the battery on your phone was at 2%, the stress and anxiety caused to try and do all that you need to do, within the limited power available. Yet as humans we forget that all we need to do is plug into the mains and allow the flow of effortless and endless connection.

I spoke to my husband about this very topic this morning and described it as having the most powerful car parked in the driveway. This baby can do anything, go anywhere, its intel is the latest, most sophisticated there is, all it needs is fuel and it can take us anywhere. It has inbuilt satnavs, the latest blue tooth device, it knows the road, adjusts to speed limits, terrains and even has a system that’s constantly updating itself – For those of you of a certain age (I cannot believe I just said that!), some might even call this super power ‘KIT’ – This baby can do anything, we just need to programme her, connect with the road and off we go.

Yet we drive to the shop and back in second gear.

So, how do we connect with the whole of us? How do we listen to our intuition and drive our potential from there?
Listen and hear with all of you. Look and see with all of you. Taste and smell with all of you and feel the wisdom that surrounds you. Be mindful of you, mindful of the moment and mindful of your surroundings. Make this a practice and notice your power naturally rise.

I will leave the final word to Shakespeare: ‘To thine own self be true’Remember we all come from the same Source of Creation, some call that God and I do too. God is Love and so are You. Behind all the noise, chaos, worry, haste and confusion, that’s all that counts because that’s all there really is.

Throughout the moments that become your life, connect with that love through your body, mind, heart and soul. There you will find your clarity and peace of mind, and it is from there that your life will begin to change.

With love,
Hilary x


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