My response to the question – So what’s your book about?

When it comes to communication my strength lies in the written word as opposed to the spoken kind.

These past few weeks while venturing through the pre-order stage of my debut fiction novel Saoirse, every second conversation I have with is addressing one question:

‘So, what is your book about?’

Each time I want to respond by saying ‘just read the blog…’. Which is hardly polite or appropriate.

Instead, I babble into a series of sentences, none of which do Saoirse justice and every time leaves me wishing I had done a marketing degree, with buzz words to boot. Followed by the gentle reminder to self that I can’t stand marketing.

So what is she about and how was she inspired?

Saoirse was inspired by a national scandal in Ireland last year. Catherine Corless exposed the Bon Secours Sisters for disposing of almost 800 babies in a septic tank in Tuam, Co Galway. It was also revealed that similar cases exist in all other Mother & Baby Homes in Ireland.

To say I was devastated is an understatement. As an adoptee, life experience has shown me the whisper of judgement that screamed so loud in Irish society to those born of ‘fallen women’. Guilt that it could have been me and wasn’t and grief for the thousands of lives destroyed took residence in my heart and settled down to stay –  its heaviness pulling me down each day that dawned.

Weeks later, in a last resort attempt to let go of the pain, I turned to God and asked for help.

The help came immediately: The plot to what was to become my debut fiction novel downloaded in my mind and that was the moment Saoirse was conceived.

It’s worth pointing out here, this was terrifying. I was not a writer and had little or no creative writing skills. I later realised I had even less skill than first thought when I received the edit from my first draft!

But I had the passion to show up, give voice and keep going.

The Unofficial Blurb

Saoirse was born in a Mother and Baby Home in 1965. Her mother, who loved her without condition, desperately wanted to keep her, but had to let her go. Adopted by Lil & Joe Corcoran, she was raised in the affluent south Dublin suburb of Glenagery.

The story followed her childhood of rejection and judgement due to the consciousness of Irish Society.

Saoirse also had a psychic gift, clear communication with her spirit guides, angels and an ability to see beyond the veil into realms beyond the third dimension. When you throw in Roman Catholic Ireland’s stance on that one, you get a good sense of where the story goes.

Most people have related to Saoirse’s brief saying that they imagine it is not a light read, and no it’s not, certainly in the beginning.

But, I wrote her story to give hope and shine light on a way through adversity.

Saoirse takes the reader on a journey through the pain of rejection to the freedom of acceptance and release.

Through the power of story, I also contribute to the rapid evolution of Irish consciousness in recent years, whilst remembering the damage caused by the rule of fear and suppression of love and acceptance.

Changing Times

Thankfully, the media are acknowledging the effects of fears’ rule in recent months. The screening of recent documentaries such as ‘No Country for Women’ and the People of the Year Awards, honouring Catherine Corless and her tireless passion and courage to expose the horrific secrets of the Roman Catholic Church.

My wish is that Saoirse goes in some way to help dissolve the stain of pain and heartache carried within the hearts and minds of all effected. Her intent is to give hope, healing and offer a miraculous, yet realistic way forward. It is my prayer that she does so for all who take her story into their hearts.

The Eternal Intent

Lastly, I dearly hope and pray that she gives just voice to the souls who inspired her. May their light shine bright in eternal recognition of their perfection, wherever they are.

With love & blessings,

Hilary Connor

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Saoirse, by Hilary Connor

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