Growth and The Soul Purpose

I have mentioned many times before, there are only two energies on this planet. One is Love the other is Fear. Both are important, but even more important than these is Choice, because, with every thought, word and deed, we choose from either Love or Fear.

Our natural intelligence will always choose from love. Our conditioning however, may cause the voice of  fear to roar loudest and longest. However, our first instinct is the voice of love, that will always whisper growth.

Take the embryo for example, the beginning of new life. The embryo knows that her very nature is to grow, develop until the time comes to be born into a new dimension. A baby now, her natural intelligence tells her to seek food and rest, both fueling her body with the energy it needs to grow. The passage of time shows not only physical growth but the growth of her mind too, education becomes part of her active day and her knowledge grows and develops. All the time she is reaching the next stage, using the experience to foster her growth and move on to the next cycle of beginning, middle and end.

When we think of growth we naturally think in the direction of upwards, unless you’re a potato.

Think of the blossom, she grows towards the sun, nurtured from the roots she draws goodness from the earth, her foundation, allowing her to stretch towards the light. Why does she do that? How does she know?

We can relate the same concept to a blade of grass, or the acorn that becomes the mighty oak tree.

Growth is the nature of Life. It’s fundamental to Divine Law therefore, growth is the nature of all things, including you and me.

I believe we all have a life purpose. Everyone’s purpose is unique and serves growth and evolution in a way that it is win/win for all.

We naturally seek to align with our life purpose and when we are not living our purpose we become filled with a sense of agitation, restlessness and lacking fulfillment

Back many years ago, when I was working in accountancy I woke up every day with that same agitation and a heavy heart.

I could not stand my job or anything it had to offer.

I have always been a contemplater by nature, somewhat a philosopher and when you couple that with debits and credits it’s a bit like the proverbial fish measuring his intelligence by his ability to climb a tree. Long story short, I quit my job and followed the Spiritual path and have been swimming effortlessly ever since.

Back then I could have very easily applied myself to what felt like was drying up my soul and lived sadly every after. After all, it paid the bills, was a good job and I sounded quite important. Banks loved me and were willing to offer endless credit, so fancy cars, and a lifestyle that sparkled was something I could have very easily aspired to, in a deeply unfulfilled way.

To state the obvious: I wasn’t growing in a way that fulfilled my soul. I felt no sense of purpose in what I was doing. Accountancy was a calling for someone else and definitely not me.

The only way I knew this was because of the way I felt inside.

From the outside it made perfect sense to stay. On the inside it was insane.

Just like the blossom, the blade of grass and the acorn, I knew my purpose was to do something else.

Once I followed that purpose the heaviness in my heart lifted and I immediately felt like I was on my path. Okay, banks would not touch me, apparently Spiritual Development Coach is not a viable career in this three-dimensional world. I sat behind the wheel, driving bangers until they reached their end of days and spent many years planning that someday, when I have a few bob I’ll paint the house.

In the meantime, I grew.

Was is always easy? No. Worry about money and bills became part of everyday life and served as one of the biggest drivers to get out there and show up to the experience of life, meeting clients, building relationships and working hard.

The early days were a struggle. Just like the baby coming through that birth canal, the bud pushing through the soil and even the butterfly breaking through the membrane of his cocoon, being born into new dimensions of reality is a struggle coupled with a whole lot of fear.

The three-dimensional world teaches us to stay safe from fear, to stay in our comfort zones for fear of regret and loss.

When the only loss is undiscovered potential, at the mercy of a comfort zone.

From a spiritual perspective fear is the resistance to growth. It’s the ego’s way of protecting itself and convincing you that it is your voice and it is correct.

Meanwhile the voice of your own divine intelligence whispers in your heart ‘Go on, you’ve got this, grow, evolve and discover what you are made of. Trust’.

This is not only relative to the individual, it relates universally. We can take a look at how it relates to society in the following overview.

In recent months Ireland has been reminded how the fear based consciousness of our land was suppressed and suffocated in the most horrendous of ways. How they got it all so wrong. Beauty, strength and perfection was beaten to a pulp. Dysfunctional hierarchy was celebrated and worshiped, as a result, innocence died .and lives were destroyed for decades. The beautiful felt ugly. The strong harnessed their strength to stay strong and the perfect were disposed of and kept silent.

Who was involved in this? Everyone, a whole nation.

Were all these people bad people? No.

Why did nobody speak up? Some did, several times but were either destroyed, threatened, ridiculed or made an example of.

Fear reigned.

Science knows that DNA will take the best of itself into the next phase of evolution. I believe consciousness does the same. I also believe the only reason the horrendous conditions that is our social history is in the past, is because DNA took its best with it and consciousness grew up.

Somewhere along the way enough Irish people listened to the voice of their soul  and evolved back to her roots.

We Irish are the creators, the nurturers, the lovers, the peacemakers. The survivors.

That is our foundation and that is our power.

A power that comes from our hearts.

The unthinkable cruelty drew its last breath because in the end, the Irish people claimed their power and insisted: ‘No more’.

No one person shifted this nation’s consciousness on their own. Many stood together in love and harmony and spoke in support of each other, in support of our children in hope of a future that brought freedom, compassion and unity. It was only then that the slaughter and imprisonment of the innocent released its hold. And Ireland drew a new breath.

If you have read this far you are most likely seeking to take the next steps onto your life purpose and embrace your soul calling. But fear is preventing you from taking that leap of faith, worrying what could go wrong is overshadowing your trust in the Universe and in your power. It’s common during times like these to find yourself confused, not knowing which chatter within is the voice of fear or the voice of your soul. Here is a little tip to help you decipher:

Fear’s voice will always restrict growth and seek to cripple you in the chaos of the mind.

The voice of Love will always nurture growth and support you in discovering the potential you withhold.

When deciding how to do the next best thing: Choose the latter, stay true to you, and grow up.

With Love & Blessings,

Hilary Connor

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