Coaching Consultations

Coaching Consultations

Each Coaching Consultation is as unique as you are. Depending on your needs and circumstance, find the session structure that suits you.

Your choice of session structure are as follows.

Blend coaching with Mindful Walking on the beach or woodlands - 6 session program (bi-weekly).

The convenience of Evolution Coaching Calls, allowing the restriction geographic location to dissolve - 6 session program (bi-weekly).

Immerse in the sacred space of The Retreat Experience - A reflective two day retreat in The Celtic Cottage.

Visit my Wellbeing Practice in Monaseed, Gorey and ground in your centre - 6 session program (bi-weekly).

Whichever your choice, you will find what best suits your needs and your ideal coaching program.

Recent times have seen many of us seek to explore new ways forward. Change stretches us, causing us to realize the power and potential within. Coaching helps adapt your thinking to identify new ways forward. The coaching process and relationship explores what is working and what needs to change so as to help you discover your best self.