Truth v’s truth

The difference between Truth and truth is simple.

Truth = Love
Little truth = a conditioned belief.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where little truth (conditioned belief) is in the driving seat. By conditioned belief I mean what the culture, man made religious beliefs and society we live tells us to believe. Little truth comes from ego and encourages a false sense of separation. When we are living from little truth, fear reigns. We seek acceptance from everywhere but within ourselves. And when we do this, we experience lack: lack of love, lack of acceptance, lack of self validation and we completely miss the opportunity to experience ourselves in the Greatness of who we truly are and our Power within to co-create with God becomes restricted.

How many times have you done any of the following?

1. Thought to yourself, ‘I would love to share my opinion but I don’t want to look stupid’

2. I would love to confide in someone about my insecurities or anxiety but I am afraid they will judge me

3. I would love to start my own business but I am afraid it will fail,

4. I just want/need to fit in.

Ok you can stop counting now. The point is we all buy into the little truth consciousness because we are afraid.

Little truth is fear itself.

Let’s take this a step further and consider that we are living in a culture or society where this crazy truth is accepted as ‘normal’ and anything outside of that is considered madness. What develops is a collective consciousness of fear. It gets worse when the culture or society believe this to work. Each person, one at a time believing themselves to be contributing to a system that fosters function and order. To me, that’s madness.

However this madness is the consciousness that is driving our planet as we know it today. Little truth causes chaos and conflict, both internally and externally. Chaos and conflict lead to wars, torture, separation. Countries get torn to pieces, homelessness, poverty and starvation imprisons freedom on many levels, physically, emotionally, mentally and Spiritually. Little truth, murders the innocent.

At his inaugural address on 20th January 1961, President John F Kennedy quoted what was to become one of the most famous quotes of the 20th century. We all know the one:

‘Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country’

Here, I believe JFK was addressing the Power within the people. The Power that is God given to us all to help create a shift in consciousness that can only be done on a national scale if the majority of the people choose to look within their hearts and choose to recognise that Real Truth is Love. Love gives and creates. It nurtures and fosters peace.

Fear cannot be conquered with fear, there is no win, ever. We continue to stay locked in destruction unless we shift our consciousness and ‘re-member’ the Truth of who we are.

As JFK said, each man must ask himself ‘What can I do?’ And it is very simple. You centre yourself in the Truth of who you are everyday and live each day from a place of Love and compassion for All. Admittedly, when we are living in a little truth world this is challenging at first. But remember this. The sun rises and sets each and every day, regardless of who notices. Millions of rivers spring and flow endlessly into the seas by the Laws of Nature. Each and every year the seasons come and go, run their cycle providing the planet with what She needs to sustain growth and survival. And the little tiny foetus becomes you, by the very same Force. That Force is the natural intelligence that comes from God. It is simply what we are made of, by our very nature. That struggle you may encounter is the ego resisting, Love anyway. Ask yourself, ‘What would the sun do if it felt people didn’t want it to shine?’ Come from your heart, co-create with Love and shine anyway.

If nations are made up of people and each person believes the little truth, this creates a destructive and chaotic consciousness. Imagine, for a moment, what would happen if each person, in each nation chose to shift their consciousness and chose real Truth. One of those people is You.

When you begin to deliberately co-create with God and you naturally begin to remember who you truly are. Your vibration rises and complete self-love and acceptance opens your heart and takes residence in the seat of your soul. Fear loses power, as does everything that comes from fear. When you do this you are in tune with the rhythm of your own Natural Intelligence. The nature of our Natural Intelligence is to Create. And from there miracles begin to happen.

How do you do this? It’s very simple. You come from your heart each day,you get really serious about the ‘footprint’ you want to leave on this planet and seek ways to empower your Spiritual Power so as you can do a really good job. This can be done through honest reflection, meditation, prayer and constant awareness that you are constantly creating and you get the responsibility to choose what you create, everyday. Asking questions like: What can I give, as opposed to what can I get? What can I change, as opposed to what do I want changed. Deliberately and consciously committing to train your mind to attune to the Higher Power that is within and around us all. In doing so you become part of the Team who are seeking to co-create a new vibration on this planet, one person at a time.

People will hear you from the level at which you speak. So for example: if I am speaking superficially to you, you will hear me on a superficial level. However, if I am speaking to your soul, speaking to what truly matters, you will hear that I am understanding your pain, empathising with your struggles and recognising your Greatness, You also know that I can only do so if I recognise the same in me. This creates brotherhood of man, unity, which naturally leads to community and from there, we can start to change gears in creating the change we wish to see in the world.

To conclude I ask you: What do you chose, Truth or truth?

The choice my dear friend, is yours.

With Love,

Hilary Connor,

Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist, (NGH), Natural Psychic Therapist

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