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6 Ways to know you are on track with your Life Purpose

Once you awaken to the fact that there is more to this life than a 3 dimensional existence you naturally accept that there is a bigger picture going on that you can’t physically see, a greater plan, call it a ‘knowing’, you don’t know how you know, you just do. What goes hand in hand with this is the acceptance of the fact that there is a power much greater than us in action too; call it a Universal energy, a Higher Power, Source, God, the Higher Self. When you awaken to this truth you naturally begin to wonder, what it’s all about. Asking questions like, ‘If I am a Spirit Being having a human experience well then what’s that all about? What is the human experience I came here to have? What is that story and why?

We all incarnate onto this planet with a plan, a purpose, each of us have made soul contracts with others and with the Universe all for the evolution of our own souls, the cosmos and this very planet and its inhabitants. Every step you take, thought you have, deed you do contributes to this evolution. The irony is that just before we incarnate, we each walk through a river called ‘The River of Forgetfulness and forget consciously all about the plan and agreements we came here to fulfil. It’s not so ridiculous an idea when you take a look at some of the decisions you made in the past, expecting they would work out one way, only to have turned out completely differently, sometimes appearing disastrous and others unexpectedly beautiful and life changing in ways you couldn’t possibly have planned all by yourself.

Thankfully, one thing to keep in mind is that the Universe does not forget your life purpose or the contracts and plans you made, nor do your Spirit team of helpers, your higher self, your soul, angels, arch angels and ascended masters. Their super intelligence is guiding and helping you every day. The more aware we are of this the easier it is to read the signs. Here are a few below:

1. A deep sense of calm and joy

Joy is the highest emotion of all. When you are in tune with your life purpose you will inevitably feel a deep sense of calm and joy in your heart. Your life doesn’t necessarily need to be perfect, nor does it mean you are exactly where you want to be, however, this peaceful sense within is your souls’ way of letting you know you’re heading in the right direction and are exactly where you are destined to be right now at this very moment

2. Connect with nature

Mindfully enjoying a daily walk in the woods, on the beach or somewhere surrounded in mother natures’ whispers, her love, her strength and her wisdom in awesome perfection. Taking in her energy through the breath and allowing it fill every part of you to a cellular level with awareness of just that. Loving the sense of becoming at one with Her embrace through a creative hobby or career working with her elements and becoming lost in the moment at one with the bliss that there is no separation, is like a dial up to connect with that higher power and remind you of who you truly are, giving way to enabling intuition to flow with ease to the point of ‘knowing’ is a sure sign your are well and truly at one with the path of your life purpose.

3. Regularly evaluating your life, asking ‘Why’ often and seeking wisdom within for answers.

Ok life can be challenging and some events, people, work, commitments rub us up the wrong way. They say that no one is perfect (…a matter of perspective if you ask me!!) However, these things that annoy us, or when things go wrong, or fall through, or demand a lot from us can be a huge opportunity to delve within and look at our shadow side. This is the part of us that you are here to work on, your ‘imperfections’, such as: intolerance, judgemental, impatience, overly impulsive, procrastination. Awareness of these personality traits can all teach you so much with regard to how you can grow. They are not ‘bad’ per say, however, a dismissal of their existence is what will stunt your growth. In fact it is without doubt part of your life purpose to overcome your shadow side. When you ask the questions like, ‘Why am I so annoyed?’ Why did his/her behaviour make me angry?’ ‘Why did I react in a completely irrational way to that situation? However, asking these questions introspectively, with love, can and will reveal insecurities or fears held inside, when we identify these fears and insecurities we can then work with them. By loving and nurturing them in the same way you would nurture a frightened child as you guide them into the light so as they can be free and in doing so, destructive patterns and self sabotage dissolve in the light (self love) and are no longer egoic obstacles that block your way from moving forward. With this awareness and commitment to self, transcendence follows.

4. You see life’s blessings and have an attitude of gratitude:

I recently came across a facebook post, in cartoon style. It consisted of two little men. One was holding us a slice of cake, he was delighted and looked really happy and beside his picture it said something like, Some people find happiness in whatever they have. The other cartoon was of the other little man sitting looking at a big huge cake with one slice missing, and it said something like, ‘While others continually find sadness in what they don’t have’ . Its science that we attract more of what we focus on. The universe never fails to follow through with this one. You are here in this lifetime to grow and to experience yourself through life and to create. When you have an attitude of gratitude for the little things and the huge things and everything in between your just get to create more joy and then more joy. People who are in tune with living their life purpose know this and a lot of these people wake up each morning with an attitude of gratitude for the bed they slept in, the nights’ sleep they just had, the fresh water to shower in, their morning meal and continue to do so throughout their day as a state of being.

5. You recognise someone who you have just met for the very first time:

Pay attention to this one, we all have soul groups. A lot of the time these are family members, close friends etc. However, can you think of someone who is very important to you now, or who you love deeply, or see as a very close friend and out of all the friends and acquaintances you have, you can remember the very first time you met this particular person? Perhaps you didn’t realise it at the time, but there was a part of you that recognised them and they you. This, in most cases is a member of your soul group. It means you both made contracts to each other prior to incarnation and therefore have a lot to teach each other and have agreed to a plan that will help raise the vibration of the planet. In a lot of cases this person with also help you to heal, however, sometimes this may be in a way that they just might be someone who completely rubs you up the wrong way, in that case see No3!

6. Faith

You have an unshakable faith in a Higher Power, God, or whatever name you wish to call your faith. And you know that at all times that the path to your freedom is to simply trust in this Higher Power. This may not be the easiest thing to do at times and for most can be a work in progress however, you know that you can and that’s the main thing. .Ask with an open heart, allow yourself to believe and then receive with love & gratitude to the Oneness of Source to all that you are with no separation xx

Hilary Connor,

Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist/Spiritual Healer & Past Life Regression Therapist, Dip in Training

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