No Blue Monday

Today, 17th January 2022 is the third Monday in January and is traditionally known as Blue Monday across this beautiful globe. Despite no scientific evidence or reasoning, someone created the idea, and its belief went global.

I don’t buy into the Blue Monday belief. But, also, my Monday is going well, the sun is shining, and I am looking at the brightest blue sky over Monaseed, Co Wexford, and looking forward to what 2022 will bring. So this morning, I am planning, studying and writing words that I hope will inspire someone out there to grasp the opportunity in this glorious life of struggle.

That said, here’s an interesting reflection for you: Yesterday, my youngest daughter asked me a question:

If I could see into the future, specifically five years from now, where is the first place I would look?

Without hesitation, I said, “Us, I would look here, to home and see how we’re all doing.”

Then, I thought about her question from another angle: Imagine if I could see into January 2022 way back in January 2017, how would I feel about what I saw? – it was an incredibly insightful thought because I know I would have been wholly mystified and floored by what I would find in January 2022.

In January 2017, I had no plans to write and publish a novel. Academic learning was an area where I doubted my ability. I thought redirecting my career was something that could never happen despite my desire, and owning an additional business in the tourism and hospitality sector was inconceivable on my radar.

Therefore, looking into my future in 2017 to see that I wrote and published a bestselling novel in the last five years and that I am pursuing a Masters Degree, having returned to academia and receiving a 1.1 in Coaching Psychology, would have floored me with excitement. Furthermore, I would realise that I successfully redirected my career and love what I do. Finally, besides the above, I run a thriving Airbnb alongside my coaching practice. Again, I know I would have been mystified about how all that happened!

Then I reflected on my husband and children’s growth and changes and noticed the commonalities among our successes:

  1. Things worked out best when we owned our truth.
  2. A deep sense of purpose drove each success.
  3. None of the achievements was easy. It took hard work, commitment and courage to meet the challenges along the way.

Therefore, everything changed when we had the courage to own our truth and commit to moving forward with purpose. The belief that I wasn’t clever enough for academia or writing a book changed. Also, the belief that I couldn’t afford college or publication costs. Furthermore, the belief that I wouldn’t have the time or ability to redirect my career also changed. In the last five years, I have learned that being true to yourself and living with purpose takes great courage and its not easy, but it changes everything in the most welcome of ways.

So, on this third Monday in January 2022, my questions to you are:

  1. What are you proud of achieving since 2017?
  2. What role did your truth, purpose and courage play in accomplishing your success?
  3. If you could look into your future to 2027, what successes would floor and mystify you?

If you have dreams tucked away in the silence of your heart, or maybe you’re stuck in self-doubt, let me help you unlock your ability to thrive and create and live fully in this glorious life of struggle. The first step is to take action by emailing; easy peasy!

Wishing you joy,


Hilary x

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