MSc Mindfulness Based Wellbeing Submission Day

May be an image of text that says 'The Way It Is NEW & SELECTED POEMS William Stafford'

This poem has enormous and gentle power, and today I am noticing how mighty and supportive this fine thread is.

Today is the submission deadline for my MSc in Mindfulness-based Wellbeing. With two teens commencing state exams tomorrow, my goal all along was to submit earlier, which I did. This morning I took a few moments to reflect on the three-year journey studying at UCC.

You see, when I applied for the Higher Diploma in Coaching and Coaching Psychology my mind was haunted with fears of not being able or good enough. I worked hard; I fell down, I cried, and I picked myself up again.

I can still remember the moment I read my final results – First Class Honours and the quiet confidence it awakened to continue and work hard through the master’s program.

At age 47, I didn’t need to complete study. Everyone thought I was mad! Many people asked me why I continue to learn – my answer was always the same: Some people love golf, and others love shopping. My great love is learning and then hopefully helping someone else because I have learned.

Completing the Master’s in Mindfulness-based Well-being also came with its challenges. Life happened. We lost some people, the teenagers were teenagers, and work became incredibly busy. In the darkest hours, when I thought it all too much, the thread showed up. In these moments, I held on over and over and over again.

So, in this reflective pause, I am sharing the reminder to you that life will always be full of change and challenge. Nothing stays the same, not even you. But there is tremendous power in knowing why you are making the commitments you make, and your why must be greater than the challenge to sustain you through the changes.

Up to now, I have called 6th June 2023 the finish line – but now I know that there is no finish line – like the thread, it continues being what it is, one great mighty journey of change and discovery. So hold on, stay curious, embrace change and trust the wisdom within.

Finally, goals and aspirations will support us in “getting there” to our desired outcomes. But placing value in being present along the way allows for a much fuller and richer journey.

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