How to turn Fear into Your Greatest Ally


There are many ways in which to dissolve fears and energy blocks, but here is a blog on one of my favourite and very effective ways in which to do so.

Fears and energy blocks, we all have them. It’s part of being human and many people believe that they are something that hold us back. But, what if I told you that is not the case? What if in actual fact they are there to help us grow, find and realise how strong we are?

What if they were the source of resistance that through meeting head on, we tap into our strength?

When you look at it that way everything changes.

Imagine a resistance trainer, seeking to build her strength. She uses weights to provide the resistance to push harder, dig deeper, challenge herself more, one workout at a time. After a while, her commitment and discipline take effect and she becomes stronger, seeking more resistance than before, through which she finds and builds her strength.

Another analogy is a student, starting in junior infants. At first, the curriculum may be challenging. They need to apply all of their focus and concentration on the then difficult learning curve. After a while, they don’t need to think about what 2+2 makes. Fast forward a few years and they are heading to college, facing infinite complex learning curves one lesson at a time, all the while building on the lessons learned before.

Now let’s get down to natures infinite intelligence. Take the example of the rose bud. There she is underneath the soil. No-one can see her, but she is there. A tiny invisible rose bud. How does she know that she has the potential to be the perfect blossom? How does she know that she has profound beauty to share, just by doing what she is here to do?

No-one can see her, no one is watching, and no one is even paying attention. Yet she knows she has a role to play, a job to do. Her natural intelligence tells her that she is here to grow. But to do so, she has a challenge that she must push through.

Just imagine that tiny rose bud underneath a heap of soil for a moment. That soil is weighing her down, it is hard and heavy. She could decide there and then, sod this for a plie of pebbles I’m just going to stay here, under this soil and sit in darkness, the pressure is just too great. But she doesn’t do that. Why? Because her natural intelligence tells her otherwise. She doesn’t think about how hard it’s going to be. She just gets on with what she’s here to do. She pushes, and she pushes, and she grows some more. She pushes through, out into the great vastness of the earth plane, towards the sun, doing exactly what nature intended. And she realises herself, her beauty. She blooms, she blossoms for all to see and share in her natural perfection.

The difference between the rose bud and us mere mortals is that we get to choose.

We have two choices.

  1. Do we face the pressure and the challenges, creating progress one step at a time and build on the progress that comes with experience? Along the way realising who we are, becoming more and more aligned with who we came here to be. In doing so, sharing our uniqueness, our essence with the world around us, so as they can benefit too.




  1. Do we choose to say, sod this for a pile of pebbles this is too hard, and choose to remain in the darkness of the illusion of our fears?

Here’s the thing about those fears. They are conditioning. When we arrived onto this planet, we were perfect souls. When we were tiny new born infants the only two fears we had was the fear of loud noises and fear of falling. Every other fear was learned through conditioning. We were not born with a fear of public speaking, or rejection, or not being good enough. We learn all that along the way. Over time they become self-limiting beliefs that begin to rule our mind and hence our decisions, ultimately effecting the reality that becomes our life.

The reason why fear is so powerful is because we have been born into a world that is ruled by fear. Fear is the predominant voice and it is the language that most understand. And we call that ‘normal’. Is it any wonder it has so much power?

But the truth is, it only has the power that we give it. We see our fear and think it is in control of us. We think it is something deemed to hold us back, stunt our growth and keep us enslaved in a self-limited version of ourselves, where our true potential for greatness remains hidden in the darkness of fear.

But like I said earlier, imagine what would happen if I told you that was never the purpose of our fear. Imagine I told you that fear was the resistance that we face, so as to dig deep into our strength, and tap into our potential, our greatness? Through facing and embracing our fear we become who we came here to be?   Just imagine that for a moment.

I know you have worked with fear in this way at some point in your life. Think of one time you faced your fear. It might be something as great as standing on stage and facing the crowd, sharing your message even though your voice trembled, if so well done you! It might be something smaller like walking into a bar on your own and realising that the world did not end, and you did not die. If so well done you! The point is that each time you face your fear a truer version of you becomes born, and you grow. Not only that, as one of my greatest hero’s Marianne Williamson says:

‘When we let our own light shine, we give others permission to do the same’

That said: Let’s change the conversation within the world we live. Let’s give birth to a new normal.  Let’s begin to think differently. Let’s begin to change our thoughts one thought at a time. What’s more, lets stand up, be our authentic selves and by doing so encourage others to do the same.

The majority of people on this planet are caught up in an illusion of fear. They believe that fear to be something that holds them back, when the truth is that the choice is always there to face that fear and use it to catapult them forward.

But the key thing to align with and remember is:

You need to align with your power first. Know that you are an infinite being with divine potential for greatness and go from there. This has everything to do with energy and vibration. Hence the importance of having a spiritual practice daily, be it talking to a Higher Power, meditation, yoga, mindfulness or something else. In doing so, you discipline yourself one thought at a time to come from that peaceful place within, where your authenticity is. And listen to that still strong voice, that knows the way and guides you forward.

How do you listen to that still strong voice?

There are many workshops we could do to show you how, but here is a little exercise. It will also serve to change your perspective on the ‘suppressive voice’ of your fear.

(It might help to go to a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and YouTube ‘528hz’ music to play while you do this exercise)

Imagine you are a great being of infinite love, wisdom and intelligence (stay with me, just imagine) See yourself within your mind’s eye, vast, grand and mighty. Perhaps you are radiating the most beautiful light, the rays shining outward into vastness. Breathe and feel that love that is you. Feel that peace, calm, perfection. Be still in that power. Breathe that power into all of your cellular being. Be peace. Be still.

Now, become aware of a dark cloud of energy within your being. It might be in your belly, or your heart or head. Perhaps it is in your throat or somewhere else. That dark cloud is your fear. As you become aware of your fear you know that it has something to say, quite like a little child tugging at your arm, seeking your help. It is afraid and sees your light.

Turn to your fear and ask it what it wants to say. Listen, as it seeks your help to understand.

In your power, your wisdom, listen to your fear. Hear everything it has to say.

Now tell that symbolic child everything it needs to know. Assure your fear. Speak with love and only love. Be you. You might be witnessing your fear as panic, it may be fretting. It might even be speaking ten thousand words to the dozen. Listen. It is seeking your help, your understanding and your wisdom.

You are an infinite being of divine intelligence. You are more powerful than you will ever know. Speak to your fear now, that small child, lost, afraid and seeking your guidance.

Remind your fear of who you are. You are a great being of infinite love and intelligence. That is the source of your power and that is the power that is you. Breathe. Watch now and stand witness to your fear dissolve, let go, release its grip and fade away. In itself your fear loses power and becomes part of the light that is you.

Feel your authenticity now. Feel the peace that comes with being in your authenticity. Breathe. Be you.

Press your forefinger and thumb together and notice the peace become stronger as it flows through your cellular being. Anchor that peace., there to stay. There for good.

Take a deep breath and come back into full awareness with the knowing that you are a great being of divine infinite wisdom, love and potential, naturally. Staying centred in knowing the still strong voice within is naturally in the driving seat, navigating, and guiding you along the path to your potential.

Now, think of your dreams, your hopes, your plans. Now you are aligned with your perfection. See your dreams as if they were real. Imagine yourself accomplishing your greatest ambitions, as if they were real. See it, feel it, hear the sounds, feel the emotion and the fulfilment that comes with realising your potential and sharing your essence with this world.

Imagine yourself, just like the rose bud sharing your beauty and your uniqueness.

Live it in your minds eye, because that’s where the reality is created on this three-dimensional plane.

Lastly, a word on the universe. Don’t forget nor dismiss Her divine laws. Remember, that those laws have been working in perfect synchronicity since the dawn of time and not messed up once, despite the small illusions that dominate this three-dimensional plane. You can trust those Laws. As Gabrielle Burstein says: ‘The Universe has got your back.’ You can afford to trust Her, and now that you have aligned, you are naturally working in-tune with her Greatness.

As for fear, use it, listen to it. Hear what it has to teach you and let your power bring dissolve to it’s grip. From there, be the powerful force, that is your essence.

Now go ahead and be the rose bud. We need you to.



Feel free to let me know your thoughts. Also, if you would like to share where in your anatomy your fear block was: The location of your fear within your anatomy can offer great insight into where the fear came from, what you might be afraid of, why it is there and how it was holding you back.


With love & blessings,

Hilary Connor.


Hilary Connor is an Author & International Spiritual Development Coach,

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