Coaching for Evolution

Welcome to my brand new COVID ready Coaching Series. With you and your needs in mind I have created a brand new offering called:

The Evolution Coaching Series

In this exciting, new and transformational creation there are 3 ways to work with me as your Coach. Let’s face it, these are uncertain and changing times, but let’s also remember your power to perform, and that’s the part I’m interested in! I want you to grow, evolve and discover that untapped potential and creativity within. Each option in the Evolution Coaching Series aims to do just that by walking you through your transformational journey and getting you to the next level in your life, happier and more fulfilled, as you create a meaningful and uplifting experience called your life.

The 3 ways to work with me are:

Option 1. Evolutionary Steps

Option 2. Evolution Calls

Option 3. Big Steps in Evolution


Option 1. Evolutionary Steps

Let the way forward come clear as we walk through nature’s grounding beauty, find clarity, deepen your awareness and explore your best self.

Evolutionary Steps embraces a powerful style of coaching using Mindful Walking. Experience the power of walking and coaching in the harmonious healing elements of nature and allow your own natural intelligence to rise and speak in the majestic surroundings of Ireland’s Ancient East.

Take steps to deepen your awareness of what your soul has to say. Explore what gives life meaning and purpose to you – the deepest drivers to progress and performance. Claim ownership of your life, your power and your truth and set yourself on a clear path forward.

During your Evolutionary Steps Session we go deep and discuss where you are now, where you have come from and get clear on the reality that you aspire to live in.

Through waking hypnosis, powerful coaching, and my recognition of your truth, I guide you back into your power so as you feel it, you know it and experience the empowering shifts that set you on your path to a life that you love.

To get the most benefit from your program I recommend a minimum of 4 sessions, each one our in duration. You will also have access to me as your Coach in between session time for the duration of your program and transformation. My goal is to support your progress and ensure that you remain anchored in what is most important to you.

To arrange your Evolutionary Steps Program email me today or call 086 849 4646. I look forward to connecting with you.

Location options:

Glendalough, Co Wicklow.

Raven Loop /Curracloe Beach, Co Wexford.

Railway Walk, Tomnafinnogue Woods, Tinahely. Co Wicklow.

Cahore Strand, Wexford.

Johnstown Castle & Gardens, Co Wexford.

Courtown Woods & Beach, Gorey, Co Wexford

Ballymoney Beach, Gorey, Co Wexford.

Option 2. Evolution Calls

Gain clarity and navigate your life forward with 4 x 1 hour coaching sessions over ZOOM.

Find and design your path forward, become your best self with the guidance of a professional Coach every step of the way. Regardless of how practical or philosophical your agenda, I help you to align in whole system clarity. Enabling you to deepen awareness, explore meaning, design a plan and move forward living your best life, being your best self.

As your Coach I help you create your vision and excel your performance in the following ways.

  • Design strategies and actions to get you there
  • Support you to build relevant strategies to meet your goals and new reality
  • Inspire you to identify learning opportunities, and put this into practice
  • Ensure you maintain forward momentum and evaluation
  • Hold an outcome-focused approach
  • Evaluate your progress against agreed actions, exploring what is working and what is getting in the way
  • Acknowledge your progress and achievements while questioning and challenging lack of progress
  • Provide support while you try out new ways of working/behaviors
  • Develop your ability to self-coach
  • Keep you motivated to apply learning from our coaching sessions.

To learn more or book your session, send an email or call me (+353) 0868494646.


Option 3. Big Steps in Evolution.

One off 90 minute Coaching Session over ZOOM during which you:

1. Align with your best self – most of the time us humans are playing small, when there is infinite power and potential within that remains untapped. Your coaching session awakens and gives voice to that power, so as you can hear what it has to say. Allow it to navigate you forward to live your best life.

2. Get clear on where you are going – when you know where you’re going it becomes a lot easier to get there. As your Coach, I help you identify what you truly want, yes, I mean that burning desire in your heart and soul. Then, I make sure you get there.

3. Navigate your steps to manifestation – the truth is, positive thinking and focusing on what we want helps, but so much more needs doing to align with your best self. I know and have practiced manifestation from both the Spiritual and Scientific perspectives – in fact, it’s a daily practice of mine to combine both. As your Coach, I help you to blend your spiritual, neurochemical and biochemical power to manifest, for real.

4. Integrate and become one with your best self with every step you take – it’s one thing to identify your best self, integrating same takes commitment. During your session you will gain the tools to build out your best self and to keep getting better and better.

Some of the benefits of utilizing these tools are:

  • Your vibration rises.
  • Your mind becomes clearer.
  • Confidence and self-efficacy grows
  • Your body becomes healthier and your heart knows how to align with the state of joy that is always present and available.

From there, your best self keeps on evolving.

Take the step to transform and empower your life today, send an email or call me (+353) 0868494646.