Career Progression / Transition

Many variables are involved in career progression and transition. From the fear of not being good enough and having what it takes to the excitement of working in a vibrant career that fuels your soul and inspires your creativity.

On average, we spend one-third of our lifetime working, so it makes sense to work at what you love. Plus, the truth is, this is your life, your time and your future. What that experience will look like is created by you, one choice at a time. Therefore, the more focused and aware you are, the better your choices, which is one of the most invaluable and fundamental benefits of coaching.

Here are some of the areas where coaching can help you progress in your career.

  • Preparation and planning toward attaining that promotion.
  • Mapping out short and long term career goals, planning how to get there and ensuring success.
  • Getting the most from your annual review or appraisal.
  • Interview Preparation.
  • Scaling growth and ensuring success in your new or existing business.

To do so and as your coach, I support, guide and help you in the following ways.

  • Develop clarity on your desired future outcome and how to get there. I will listen, support and challenge you to identify what you want deep down inside.
  • Grow confidence to take productive steps beyond your comfort zones. I support you in exploring the most effective ways forward, ensuring that your progression, goals, and values align.
  • Take a strengths-focused approach. When it comes to change, we naturally default to fear. However, when we stay in fear too long, we become stuck in old patterns. I help you identify and build a mindful awareness of your strengths and create new thinking while supporting your confidence to face change and take steps toward your desired outcome.
  • Create a plan, set goals and identify opportunities. Together, we discuss the practical ways and steps to move forward and develop your new path to success.

The power of coaching leads to a more profound, prosperous and progressive experience to career development and transition. The supportive and challenging coaching interventions enable you to build greater confidence, deeper self and environmental awareness, optimizing a more opportunistic and fulfilling outcome.

Through coaching psychology and proven coaching approaches and interventions, I support and help navigate your progress. These include Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Person-Centred, Solution Focused and Narrative Coaching approaches, along with measured and proven personal development techniques to optimize your success.

Program Structure

Career Progression / Transition Coaching Programs are 6 x 1-hour bi-weekly sessions over three months.

Coaching sessions are held online over ZOOM or locally in person at The Palm’s Health & Well-being Centre, Gorey, Co Wexford.

To arrange your free chemistry call, email or tel: 086 849 4646.

Why choose me as your Coach. 

Having worked in the corporate sector and multinationals for over a decade, I understand corporate dynamics and diverse cultures. Working as an entrepreneur for twenty years, I am most familiar with the challenges faced in the landscapes. However, the same challenges have taught me to think differently, identify strengths, and assess what will work to progress forward.

Along with deep industry and interpersonal experience, I have a depth and breadth of scientific knowledge of the mind and psychological influences on human behaviour. Moreover, thanks to working as a spiritual therapist for over twenty years, I have honed and developed my intuition. Therefore, you can afford confidence in your progress when working with me.

Why not get in touch for a free 15 min consultation call and take the first steps to your career and self progression.

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