What cannot be destroyed does not need protecting.

If a storm is passing over your house, you would not stand outside the house, arms outstretched, squinted eyes and face creating a false barrier to the wind shouting ‘DON’T HURT THE HOUSE!’.

Your instinct would tell you to go into the house and enable it to protect you.

Yet we do this all the time with our strengths. We fear vulnerability and protect our greatness.

We protect our creativity from the vulnerability of exposure. We protect our voice from the humiliation of ridicule. We protect our presence from the illusion of destruction. We shield ourselves with a cloak of survival mode. Over and over we exercise that cloak, wearing it thinner and thinner exhausting ourselves in the process.

What cannot be destroyed does not need protecting. It needs sharing.

Love yourself enough to live in your strength. Manage your best self every day and center in your creativity, your voice, your intelligence, your presence, your essence and share who you are with the world.

That is your protection, your path to peace and your fuel for self-discovery and evolution.

with love,

Hilary Connor x