Corporate Wellbeing

Corporate Wellbeing Programs

My corporate wellbeing programs help your employees transform how they think, feel and behave when faced with stress and stressful situations. Each engagement aims to awaken each person to skilful resources and develop new ways of managing self and the demands of today’s work/life challenges.

The workplace has seen many shifts and changes in recent years. Effectively, professionals are experiencing increased pressure to find their work/life balance. The work from home model has many benefits while it also presents its challenges. For example, irregular schedules, a sense of isolation and lack of employee engagement. All affect the wellbeing and performance of today’s professionals. This points to an increased need to address employee wellbeing, which is the area I am most passionate about.

My programs hold the wellbeing of your employees in the foreground of awareness. I deliver corporate wellbeing programs tailored to your organisational needs. Each program blends mindfulness, positive and coaching psychology to support your employees with the skills to meet stress and challenge in empowering ways and learn how to respond skillfully to stress and stressful situations.

As an Executive Coach with over twenty years of experience working with both professionals and wellbeing, my engagement with your organisation will equip employees with strategies and skill sets that transform how they think, feel and act when faced with challenges. In addition, they will discover their own resources to develop, support and nurture their wellbeing, efficacy and engagement in evidence-based ways.

If this is a requirement of your organisation, I would love the opportunity to work with you. Whether your preference is full/half-day workshops or six or eight-week programs, they will be generous with valuable and evidence based skill sets, insights and strategies to support your employee’s mental and emotional wellbeing. To discuss further email .