HilaryOMG….😍😘😘I attended your Empowering Choices



I attended your Empowering Choices Course this morning…it went waaayyyy beyond my expectations of what I thought I would get from the course…on a few levels..
Your delivery… your presence your engagement with the various attendees… and ease was exceptional…as for the course material…it’s really opened my eyes….to STOP second guessing my self and decisions …and to remain standing within my own truth…to work on self belief..and pay more attention to my gut instinct…which… ultimately..in the end…is what we all roll back to..
As an example of where I can instantly see the positive effects of your course this morning…I stopped off to do a bit of retail therapy…I found myself (for once) trying on clothes that before I would have thought would do noting for me…I’m the proud new owner of a new outfit that ..if I went in yesterday..I knew I would have not given a second glance too..🤣
Sooo…I am keeping your beautiful mantras in mind and taking on board your neuro science guidance and rewiring my thinking …change cones from within
I cannot wait for your next course

Thank you Thank You Thank You


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