Young Adult Coaching with Neuroscience Program

The Young Adult Coaching with Neuroscience Program aims to support the optimum mental and emotional growth and development of the young adult.

Throughout the program I take your child’s confidence, their self perception. and sense of self and build them up from the inside out.

On completion, your child will have built a solid foundation of self trust and a can do attitude that sets them up for life’s challenges.

Be it academic, creative or social environments this program is devised to get your child to the next level. On completion they will know that they can afford confidence in their own abilities.

Complete with tasks that encourage a growth mind set, increase focus and concentration skills the program prepares students for the challenges of a competitive, changing world.

Throughout the program your child will build a strong skill set in the following areas:
  • Self-Management
  • Self Talk & Suggestion Management
  • Developing self belief
  • Developing self acceptance
  • Self-Care
  • Decision making skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Designing and planning goal achievement
  • Develop focus and concentration skills
  • Study techniques & learning styles
  • Identifying study methods for best performance
  • Managing setbacks
  • Develop grit, fortitude & resilience
  • Banking success

Whether your child is a high achiever who overloads themselves with a demand for ‘perfectionism’ or struggles with poor self confidence and low self esteem, I work with him/her to develop strong self belief both socially and academically. On completion, your child will have developed a ‘can do’ attitude that becomes a set point for life in an ever challenging world.

The Young Adult Coaching with Neuroscience program is facilitated either on a one2one or as a group program (example: student group). Get in touch today for more details. I would be delighted to discuss with you further.