Spiritual Guidance/Mediumship Reading

Spiritual Guidance-Mediumship Reading, Hilary Connor Spiritual Development Centre, Gorey, WexfordHilary has been helping clients through channeling Spirits messages of loving guidance for over two decades. She is a natural psychic medium and has developed her intuitive ability to be an accurate channel, to help Spirit help her clients find clarity, direction & peace.

With a heart centered approach, Hilary aims to work with you and your Spiritual team to channel their loving guidance helping you find clarity in your life path and soul’s journey.

What will happen during my reading?

During a Spiritual Guidance reading Hilary will connect with your Spirit Guides, Angels, Arch-Angels & Loved Ones in Spirit. These Spiritual Beings are with you always to help you, to guide you along our life path with your highest happiness and your highest benefit in mind. During your reading Hilary will listen to Spirit team and pass on their messages to you.

Hilary also intuitively reads your energy field/aura and with her third eye checks your chakras (energy centers). These techniques serve as Spirits’ road map to Hilary, to identify what needs to be addressed and Spirit will give the guidance as to how to address the relevant issues.

Typically, in a reading all relevant areas in life are addressed, e.g.: family, career, relationships, health, home. However, due to life being life it’s natural that some areas and issues may be more relevant than others at times, therefore, Spirit will focus on those areas where the most guidance is needed at the time.

A reading is an interactive, sacred experience between Spirit, the Medium and the Sitter (client) all for the highest benefit of the sitter. At all times a reading should bring clarity, peace, healing from the past and guidance moving forward.

Fee: €60

Live too far away from Wexford or overseas?

No problem, Hilary regularly holds SKYPE/WHATS-APP/ Facebook Messenger or telephone readings where you can avail of the benefits of your reading from the comfort of your own home.

If you would like to contact us regarding making an appointment feel free to call or email, we would be delighted to help.

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