Reiki/Spiritual Healing

Reiki Spiritual Healing Treatment Hilary Connor

What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual Healing is a natural process of healing therapy whereby the healer serves as a channel for Divine Source and channels pure healing energy (pure love) from Source, through the healer to the recipient.

Ultimately, the healing goes where it is meant to go and can benefit the recipient in many ways, facilitating healing on all holistic levels. The healing energy channeled acts as a powerful facilitator to help the body heal itself and restore natural health and balance within the anatomy, the mind and the Spirit.

As Spiritual Healing is a completely natural form of healing can be accompanied by all medical treatments and medicines.

It is not a prerequisite to believe that the healing is being done, it will happen anyway!

What will happen during my healing session?

During the healing session Hilary will have a brief informal chat with you discussing the issues you would like help with.

Hilary will check your energy field (aura) and your energy centers, evaluating where you might be holding blocks or where your energy might be out of balance. Hilary will begin to channel the divine healing energy. This process is extremely relaxing and non-invasive. You may experience heat, cold, tingling sensation, light breezes or none of the above, the main thing is to know that Spirit are close, with love, channeling their beautiful healing love to you.

Afterwards, clients usually report feeling calmer, lighter, more peaceful and grounded in clarity.

A Spiritual Healing session is 40 minutes and Fee is €50.


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