Coaching with Neuroscience

A+ Evolution is a brand new Page and new venture set up in Summer 2019.

I am passionate about helping clients awaken, align and actualize the power within. To help me do so I accessed further training. The award is an Advanced Diploma in Executive and Life Coaching with Neuroscience in Trinity College Dublin. Below is how I plan to use my skill set to help you awaken, align and actualize self-realization.


What is Coaching and how can it help me?

Coaching is a professional relationship that focuses on the here and now and the future.

The coaching relationship:

  • Facilitates your performance, learning and development
  • Improves your effectiveness
  • Helps you focus and gain clarity on who you are and what you want
  • Achieve goals and results
  • Finds, designs, and plans measurable steps to move forward
  • Helps and supports you to create and build a life that is true to you

My Coaching Programs aim to:

  1. Help you awaken, align, and actualize the power and potential within you in natural and scientifically proven ways.
  2. Support you in creating the best version of yourself.
  3. Build a life in which you experience the highest level of quality and success in a real, sustainable, and long-lasting way.                                                                                                                                 

I combine coaching with neuroscience to support and empower you to achieve goals, create change, overcome fears or just about anything that aims to help you create authentic growth and transformation.

What is Coaching with Neuroscience?

Until recently, we understood that our brains cells degenerate over time. Neuroscientists have since discovered that this is not the case, in fact the opposite is true. Your brain is largely plastic. It has millions of neuropathways within which signals (thoughts) travel through your central nervous system into your body and tell your body what to feel, be and do.

The empowering part is, through focus, awareness, and repetition you can change your thoughts and create new neuropathways. I help you to create thought patterns that tell you to feel, do and be a better version of yourself.

William Shakespeare said ‘To thine own self be true…’ The coaching process first examines what you value. We then examine your beliefs and become aware of the ‘self-talk’ that subliminally drives your actions. The powerful exercise of examining your beliefs creates vast insight into what drives you, and can either help or hinder your success.

Becoming clear on your values creates focus. When you align your beliefs with your values you begin to build a road map lined in clarity towards what your want from life. Furthermore, the coaching process designs measurable actions enabling you to move forward and become your best self.

Combining coaching with neuroscience creates a vehicle that accelerates change, growth, and transformation more effectively and in less time than before. It supports and enables you to take control of your life and create the reality you want.

If you are ready to step into the driving seat of your life and create a reality that is true to you contact me today.

I am a fully qualified, licensed Executive, Life Coach with an Advanced Diploma in Executive & Life Coaching with Neuroscience. I trained in Trinity College, Dublin, with Positive Success Group. I am accredited by World Association of Coaching with Neuroscience, Association of Coaches, & the International Coaching Federation.

Read what some of my clients are saying:

‘I attended coaching with Hilary to gain clarity about my work and its future direction. I really benefited from the coaching. Hilary’s non-judgmental, goal-oriented approach helped me to clarify my goals and to action them in a way that moved me forward in my thinking and doing. The sessions helped me to outline for the first time the areas that I want to focus on. This is significant for me in terms of being an active agent in my self-employment rather than a passive reactor. Hilary’s coaching style is relaxed yet focused, gently challenging in an empowering way. I felt totally supported in my journey. I found the sessions thought-provoking in a supportive atmosphere. Throughout each session I felt supported in Hilary’s compassion, her ability to bring conversation back to how to make goals achievable, her empathy and her humour.’ Deirdre, Wicklow.

‘I attended coaching with Hilary for career change/progression. Her sessions were professional and focused, which enabled me to explore, gain clarity and prioritize my goals. Hilary’s style is relaxed and confidential and I would highly recommend Hilary and be sure to avail of her coaching services again in the future.’ Robert, Wexford.