Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing Hilary Connor Spiritual Development Centre, Gorey
Have you ever heard of the term: ‘History repeating itself’?

This can be true especially in families. When we examine family through the generations we can often see a pattern develop throughout the family dynamic. When this is a positive pattern it’s obviously a good thing and as long as everyone is happy and evolving keep doing what you are doing!

However, some families continue to relive a negative pattern. We see the actions, behaviors and thought patterns of the generations gone before show up in our current lives in a way that holds a family back. The potential for emotional freedom and happiness remains unrealized. It’s like a family finds themselves ‘stuck’ in the same cycle over and over again.

We all carry the emotional energy of our ancestors. It’s in our DNA. Evolution only takes place when we take the best of what we have and focus on nurturing same. All of nature intuitively knows this. But unlike any other species, being human means we have conscious choice. In this case the choice is either to change and grow or to continue with the same negative pattern.

Most of the time family members are continuing negative patterns through sub-conscious choice.

They are not even aware that it is in fact, their own thoughts, emotions and actions that is creating the reality they find themselves in. It’s with this awareness in mind that we can begin to address the cause, (i.e: subconscious thought/emotion), re-frame how we think/feel, hence changing the pattern of behavior and evolve to a more fulfilling reality.

In my own experience I rarely encounter a Spirit upon other realms who is ‘sad’ or distressed. Once a Spirit crosses over they are surrounded in complete love and re-minded that they too are this same love. However, when patterns continue over and over in the physical dimension our ancestors naturally want us to heal and discover emotional freedom. And that is exactly what they do in an Ancestral Healing session.

What will happen in during my Ancestral Healing Session?

Ancestral Healing Sessions are a combination of Hypnotherapy & Spiritual Healing.

Hilary will take a brief evaluation history and acquire a sense of what needs to be healed.

During your session Hilary will guide you into the hypnotic state. In this natural relaxed state, we are bypassing the beliefs of the conscious mind. From here we can break through the barriers of outworn belief patterns and begin to reframe how we subconsciously feel at the level of core belief.

Hilary will guide you through the reframing process. It’s completely natural for loved ones to come in to the session and help identify the patterns that need reframing, relate their messages through Hilary and facilitate in the healing process.

The Ancestral Healing session aims to dissolve old outworn family patterns, through dissolving and re-framing the negative beliefs that keep them going, enabling freedom and deep healing for all.

Session time: 75 – 90 minutes

Fee: €90

Follow up sessions: €70

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