The Hypno-Coaching Program

The Hypno-Coaching Program is four session program that combines Hypnotherapy & Coaching. The Program places high focus on healing and transformation. Throughout your program I support your transition to move forward.

The powerful combination of Hypnotherapy and Coaching aids and supports real, sustainable life change, chosen by you.

Discover who you truly are and live the life you were born to lead.

If you are hoping to do any of the following, this program ensures you get to the next level one step at a time:

  • Take that step into the Career change that has been calling you from the depths of your mind.
  • Embark that new business venture with a guided hand every step of the way.
  • Overcome those fears & phobias so as you can get busy living, travelling, exploring and experiencing the wonderful world that is waiting for you.
  • Heal deep trauma that you know is subconsciously holding you back and own all of who you are with unconditional love & a deep sense of belonging.
  • Grow the confidence you deserve to own so as you know you can afford to take those chances and shine every single day.
  • Level up your life to where you want it to be and say goodbye to feeling ‘stuck’ once and for all.

As your Hypno-Coach, I take a whole system approach to change. Together we integrate breakthrough, scientifically proven techniques to create new, empowering thoughts, emotions and actions that help you achieve results and take your life to the next level.

Effectively you awaken, align and actualize the potential that is within you. 

Combining the modalities of Hypnotherapy and Coaching have the following empowering effects:
  • Create your goals and design the action plans to accomplish those goals.
  • Create new thinking.
  • Re-frame past experiences.
  • Dissolve the self-limiting echoes of the sub-conscious mind.
  • Support you throughout your transformation journey.
  • Have an accountability partner.
  • Measure success.
Coaching focuses on the here and now and how you want to move forward. Your coaching sessions will address:
  • Getting clear on what’s important to you.
  • What you need to change to step into your power and move forward.
  • Design the path forward.
  • Support you in gaining momentum and creating your new reality.
  • Keep you focused and staying on track*
  • Measure your success.

*It is normal throughout periods of growth to shift direction. Especially when you are gaining more confidence and seeing self and life from a new empowered perspective. As your Coach I support you in that journey, while keeping you centered in your true self and what is important to you.

Coaching helps design your way forward and create new perspectives and new thinking that sets you free to move forward.

Hypnotherapy deals with the subconscious mind.

We all have deep subconscious beliefs. Some are self-limiting thought patterns that echo on auto-pilot deep within your mind. These thought patterns drive your actions. They are usually the result of conditioned thinking that no longer serves you. Hypnotherapy is a powerful resource to re-frame old experiences and create new empowered neuropathways that support your transition,

If you would like to create real and long term change in your life get in touch. I offer a free 15 minute consultation to discuss how I can help you create the life that you deserve, contact me today

This is a 4 session program. The first two session are two weeks apart. Session 3 is three weeks after your second session and session 4 is one month later. 

Each session is 1-1.5 hour.

Program Fee: €360