5 Steps Program


Program Includes:

  1. Workbook
  2. Video Tutorial
  3. Guided Meditation

By Hilary Connor


This transformation program is designed to awaken your brilliance and create the life you were born to lead – and it’s all backed by science!

  • Awaken Your Brilliance.
  • Align with Your Truth.
  • Actualize Your Potential.
  • Raise Your Vibration
  • Develop Your consciousness
  • Create the life you were born to lead.




You will receive:

  1. A PDF Workbook with detailed guidance via powerful questions to encourage self-inquiry and shine light on self-awareness.
  2. A deeply powerful Guided Meditation (MP3) to support your subconscious mind in creating new thinking to anchor your transformation.
  3. A video presentation of the 5 Steps to Transformation Program. During the presentation I talk you through each of the steps and share how to get the best of the program with additional guidance including personal examples from my own life experiences.

Each step is interactive and encourages change in an experiential way. We focus on holistic change, addressing mental, emotional, physical, circumstantial, and of course spiritual change.  

The great Wayne Dyer said: ‘When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.’

The same is true at the level of thinking, doing and being. The 5 Steps to Transformation brings you present in your truth while helping you to embody joy and certainty.

The result will see you aligned in your power, calm and living the life you were born to lead.

If you feel it’s time to step forward and claim your power of presence, then this program is for you.  

Most of the time, we are running on ‘autopilot’. We have subconscious beliefs on re-run in our mind that are not true. Somehow, they made their way into our minds through life experience and have led the way in terms of who we think we are. But the fact is, most of those beliefs are untrue, specifically the limiting ones. They are simply someone else’s idea or story. Yet, they have claimed residence within our heads and reigned ever since.

The 5 Steps to Transformation identifies these self-limiting beliefs and through the experience of the program you shine light on your truth and create new meaning that aligns with your power. You also identify who the real you is, what you want to think and plan your life going forward. But most of all, this program is a process of healing and letting go of what has held you back.

You can take as long as you please to complete the 5 steps. You can also repeat the 5 steps as often as you like. If you are purchasing a program like this, it is most likely that personal growth and self-development are high on you values list. Therefore, as you evolve this program will serve you time and time again.

Step forward and take ownership of your power today.

Price: €25 {€49}

Files are sent directly to your inbox via email once purchased – if you have any issue receiving, email info@hilaryconnor.com and we’ll see your sorted in no time.