Karma/Dharma & The Life Purpose

Once you awaken to the fact that there is more to this life than a 3 dimensional existence you naturally accept that there is a bigger picture going on that you can’t physically see, a greater plan, call it a ‘knowing’, you don’t know how you know, you just do. What goes hand in hand with this is the acceptance of the fact that there is a power much greater than us in action too; call it a Higher Power, Source, God, the Higher Self. When you awaken to this truth you naturally begin to wonder, what it’s all about. Asking questions like, ‘If I am a Spirit Being having a human experience well then what’s that all about? What is the human experience I came here to have? What is that story and why? Well. there are as many perspectives and answers to these questions as there are souls incarnate. But for you it’s about finding your own truth, the truth that speaks from within, you usually find these answers right there in your heart and the easiest way to access these answers is through practices such as meditation, prayer, connecting with mother nature, quiet contemplation and a mindful state. In the meantime however, I would like to share with you my truth, the ‘story’ that resonates with me and continues to make perfect sense through all the continual evolving states of awareness I experience as I grow. If these truths resonate with you take them on board to help and guide you, almost like a little GPS in your heart, if they don’t well leave them aside and that’s ok too.

Firstly, let’s go right back to before you incarnated into this life-time and you were about to devise your life plan so as to fulfil your chosen life purpose, for some, the scenario would go something like this:

Note:(the relationship dynamic and circumstances will be different in many cases, this is just for explanatory purposes only!)

Imagine you are a Spirit, up there in a state of Nirvana, only LOVE existed, no fear, no judgement, no isolation just LOVE, floating happily in a state of pure peace. Then after a while you decided it was time to go back. The time has come for you to incarnate again, There is more that you want to experience so as you can grow, evolve and what’s more, you want to contribute to the evolution of the human race, put your proverbial foot print on the evolution of the cosmos. So you decided to come back and in no time a meeting was scheduled with your Spirit Guides, the Ascended Masters, Arch Angels, Angels and your soul group. It was during this meeting that your soul plan would be devised.

During this time, you and your team revise your last lifetimes, you all take a look at any outstanding karmic debts, what you want to experience and how this is going to contribute to the evolution of the cosmos. So let’s say for example you decide that you want to experience DEEP SELF-LOVE & SELF ACCEPTANCE. You and your team will cleverly devise a plan that will create the circumstances in order to give you the opportunity to experience DEEP SELF LOVE & SELF ACCEPTANCE as a human being. The contracts you make need to serve 3 steps:

1. Give the opportunity to resolve karmic debt, so as to reach DHARMA

2. Give us the opportunity to grow and evolve in the state of the Spirit Being having the human experience

3. Give us the opportunity to bring our shadow side in to the light so as to resolve and heal from pain held deep within our soul.

So as to fulfil these 3 key considerations we avail of the following resources:

Soul Group
Life Purpose

There are many ways I could explain how these are implemented and how they all come into play but today I have explained them in hypothetical form. Below there is an example to explain, take a couple of moments to read it through, just go with it and at the end I have explained what it’s all about. In doing so I hope to enlighten you a little on life purpose, soul contracts, karma/dharma, soul groups and your soul plan.

Imagine, you grow up with mom, dad and sibling and your mom rejected you, isolated you, never validated you, clearly favoured your siblings more and all in all you never felt good enough, you were always the scapegoat. You needed her love and that was the one thing she would not give you. So you felt alone and abandoned, you never felt good enough in any subsequent relationship and failed to embrace opportunity in your life because you never felt you would be accepted for who you are. You lay on your death bed at the end of that lifetime with a heavy heart and anger towards your mom for the love you yearned for but never received and the happiness never experienced as a result.

Now let’s take this a step further, how about she was supposed to treat you this way?

Imagine for a moment that while you were creating your soul plan and life purpose, your soul and our moms’ soul agreed to this. Clearly your first response will raise an eye brow to say the least, but, consider for a moment that your life purpose in that lifetime was to experience deep self love and acceptance, from within, the reason it didn’t come from the outside was because one fundamental person in your life did quite the opposite, resulting in a shortfall in the depth of self worth and validation that is given to us from our parents as a child. However, imagine for a moment that your choose to listen to that little voice within that said ‘I’m more than this, I am greater than moms opinion of me’…imagine you trusted that little voice, what would be different? On the other hand, there is no doubt your mom also had her own life purpose, A life purpose quite similar to yours in fact, so her parents also rejected her, and the karmic pattern passed down to you, BUT HERE’S THE THING….When you got over the other side to heaven, and sat down with your wonderful Spirit team you REMEMBER….this was exactly how it was supposed to be AND if you had of searched within your heart and listened to that quiet voice and trusted it, you most likely would have sought to discover your Self, your greatness and listened to that quiet voice inside, you realise that life could have been so different and perhaps it would have went something like this:

…. at some point you choose to listen to that quiet voice within and dare to trust it and seek yourself, your worth, knowing that you have something great to offer this life although not knowing what that is, you go forward, trusting a knowing that you can’t see. You choose to be spiritually awake, and aware, your read books on personal development, enjoy the peacefulness in meditation as a daily practice, you commit to the truth that your life is a reflection of who you are within, so you come from your heart in all that you do. You practice journaling and develop a great love of nature and all She provides and live each day with a deliberate state of gratitude and so you create happiness and a flow of peace from the inside out. You happily engage in this practice and along the way you are naturally experiencing the process of deep healing and through the quest of self love and self acceptance and that’s exactly what you find. Deep forgiveness goes hand in hand with the process of healing and in this lifetime it’s your mum who hurt you the deepest throughout those years, so what follows is the natural process of forgiving your mom, here is where deep healing embraces and fills your heart igniting the light & flow of your wisdom learned, you find yourself ready to let go of all that anger and sadness. The anger that for so long subconsciously influenced all thoughts, feelings and decisions you made in your life, due tribal conditioning. AND THEN guess what, complete acceptance of what is flows into your heart and you see your mom in the TRUTH of who she is, just like you, a Spirit being having a human experience, and this changes everything. Your anger has gone, you no longer see yourself as the victim and nor do you sabotage happiness and opportunity, nor do you see your mom as the one who hurt you. Instead, there is an inevitable shift in perspective, you see the bigger picture, a Spiritual perspective and you realise that you now have a choice. Do you apply the truth of your wisdom and accept that there is a greater picture going on here – or – do you continue to be stuck in victim mode. We all know that once we know something as truth we cannot ‘UN-know’ it, so at this point, the choice is yours. Your soul knows what to do, listen to your soul, extending the pure unconditional love of self onto all, including your mom, loving her unconditionally, in the knowledge that she and you are one in the same, two parts of the One Great Soul. So you take the next step in this process of completing this contract and love your mom, unconditionally and she feels it. This is the first time perhaps that your mom experiences the feeling of unconditional love from another, forgiveness from another and in doing so you show her how. All going well the chances are that this resonates in her heart deeply, and loves you back but what’s more loves herself too. That’s it, karmic debt dissolves, ancestral patterns end here and the mother/son (or daughter) relationship in your family reaches Dharma.

We all know that it’s easy to love when all is well, it is when a relationship becomes strained or challenged that’s when we really need to go into our hearts and see the situation from the soul perspective. In recognising and acknowledging that soul who is hurting you (as far as we are concerned) as a Spirit Being having a human experience, we also see ourselves as such too, in this way the dynamic shifts completely and it becomes natural to continue to love them, because we see them from a place of truth, a soul incarnate and what’s more we acknowledge the bigger picture. When we see a human being in this way it immediately eliminates slipping into the victim mentality and shifts the paradigm to one of CHOICE, that’s where free will comes in.

Okay, let’s go back to your arranging your soul plan before birth:

Once again take your mind back to when you are up there with your Guides and your Spirit team and you announce your chosen life purpose to experience DEEP SELF LOVE AND SELF ACCEPTANCE. Well your main guide steps forward and says, well in that case we are going to need to create a situation and circumstance where deep self love is withheld from a fundamental source or relationship in your life, from someone who you really need to receive it from, someone who will hold the role of being a key figure in your life who, on a human level you need their unconditional acceptance, no matter what. However, in your case, it is necessary for them to withhold this from you so as to create a sense of lack, an emptiness to fulfil, so as you have the choice listen to the voice of who you are now, your Spirit..

So your main Spirit Guide poses the question, ‘Can anyone fulfil this role in her life? At this point a member of your soul group pipes up, steps forward and says: ‘You know, I am planning to incarnate again too and I want to experience UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and you know, our soul group has gone through centuries with-holding love and creating deep hurt as a result. God knows we have tried and failed and tried and failed but this karma keeps going round and round, I am determined to learn this time round, enough is enough. And there it is. A plan is made that this soul group member will incarnate as your mom, she will be the one who withholds her love from you so as to enable you to have the choice to embark on the journey of experiencing deep self love and acceptance from within by listening to the voice of your own truth, your Spirit. You, your future mom and all of your Guides and helpers plan the details around her life, your life, its agreed that she incarnates approx 30 years before your birth and so on, and then you guys walk through the river of forgetfulness, just before incarnation into the womb and forget all about it, and your lives unfolded as per the above to the point where you had a choice. In the first scenario you choose not to listen to the voice of your Spirit, resulting in you not fulfilling your life purpose and going to your death bed at the end of that life time, sad, hurt, and angry and a deep sense of loss. However, in the second scenario you choose to listen, although it still hurt a lot, you believed you were more and this resulted in you walking a deeply fulfilling spiritual journey, The wisdom gained, happiness and peace that took abode in your heart created many ripples on the cosmic evolution and an everlasting foot print on the peace created, not to mention karma transmuted to Dharma and ancestral patterns healed. This, to me, is a life with a purpose.

They say that when the student is ready the teacher will appear, when we consider that we are all parts of the same Great Oneness or Soul we therefore realise that we are all both student and teacher. In the above scenario you see that your could not have evolved in the way that you did if your mom had not withheld her love for you, had she loved you unconditionally there would have been little need for you to embark on your spiritual journey in search of deep self-love and self acceptance, not to mention the powerful wave of cosmic healing you created along the way. So you see here, that your mom was your teacher and because you took the lesson you in turn became her teacher, you showed her unconditional love and acceptance which awoke her light and ended a destructive karmic pattern. However, it even goes one step further, when you choose to listen to the quiet voice of truth deep within your heart, you engaged in the process of being the greatest teacher of your lifetime to the best student your could ever have, yourself.

Hilary Connor
Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist/Spiritual Healer & Past Life Regression Therapist, Dip in Training

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