The Spiritual Perspective Session

The Spiritual Perspective Session

Spirituality has been Hilary’s bedrock since God was a child. Conducting Spiritual Guidance Sessions for over 25 years, her natural way is living in close connection with spirituality and a higher power.

The Spiritual Perspective Sessions are unique in that they combine spiritual therapy and coaching, offering guidance and support to help you gain clarity and direction on presenting issues. Whether your concern is around life direction, life-altering decisions, career, family, or something else, Hilary combines her intuition and coaching skills to help you find clarity for the way forward, with meaning and purpose and, most of all, peace of mind.

How are Spiritual Perspective Sessions different to Coaching Sessions?

The main difference is the perspective and how the session is conducted. During the coaching session, practicality and logic will be in the foreground, with a stronger focus on solution-focused coaching interventions. Although there will be some emphasis on spiritual guidance, the language used has a more practical, evidence-based tone.

The Spiritual Perspective Session opens the space for higher wisdom to take a more prominent presence, allowing room for new perspectives that lie beyond human conditioning and opening new pathways for the way forward. This awareness helps awaken and align with your own inner wisdom. The sessions are slightly longer, too, allowing time for a card reading to validate the guidance for the way forward. Then, Hilary recruits her coaching skills and interventions to guide you forward seated in what’s most important to you.

Additionally, unlike coaching sessions (which are recommended bi-weekly), only one Spiritual Perspective Session is recommended every six months or longer.

The Spiritual Perspective Session aims to help you find peace and clarity for the way forward and rest in the peaceful strength for your onward journey, the type of strength that guides and sustains a rewarding life experience.

Sessions are conducted online via Zoom or in person in Monaseed, Gorey, Co. Wexford Y25 TR77.

Duration: 75 minutes

Investment: €100

Paying for Your Spiritual Perspective Session

You can pay via Paypal or Revolut using handle @hilaryconnor. Alternatively, you can make a payment through Stripe by tapping the button below.