Empowering Choices Workshop

Sat, 14 Sep 2019 10:00 AM - Sat, 14 Sep 2019 02:00 PM

Empowering Choices


We make thousands of choices every day, some empower us and serve our best self, others do the opposite and keep us stuck in old ways and patterns.

This super focused workshop is a hands on approach to making decisions that empower you. Get focused, align with and take action from your best self and design the life you want to live.

Workshop Objectives

  • How to make choices from reward mode.
  • Devise the steps necessary to take action on your plans and create your best self.
  • Connect with your ‘Why’ and what is truly important to you.
  • Create empowering habits aligned with your ‘Why’.
  • Identify and let go of self limiting beliefs.
  • Begin to ask the empowering questions that drive you forward.
  • Hypno-relaxation to dissolve self limiting beliefs and integrate new, focused thinking and empowered self into the subconscious mind.

Workshop participants will leave with a plan of action and structure necessary to realize self actualization and bring your plans into 3D reality.

Facilitated by: Hilary Connor, ‘The Evolution Coach’.


Here’s what people are saying about this workshop,

“‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right’. Having attended Hilary’s Empowering Choices Course I can definitely say that I left thinking ‘I can’! Firstly Hilary herself is a natural guide, communicator & her passion for wanting to help others shines through. I found this course to be engaging & uplifting thanks to Hilary’s guidance & the other truly inspiring participants on the day. I really am looking forward to the next one!!

Teresa, Kildare.”


“Heartfelt thanks for creating a magnificent space today at your empowering choices workshop in Gorey.

Your delivery and calmness throughout enabled trust and encouragement.

The pre-course work was very simple and important at setting the scene and getting the most value from the workshop.

The material and activities used were really manageable and I loved the hypno relaxation which allowed a deeper space to bring power to actions and move forward.

Highly recommend for anyone feeling stuck or needing a reset on values in order to change and move forward in any aspect of life.

Wonderful to meet you Hilary

Jennifer, C.o Wicklow”



I attended your Empowering Choices Course this morning…it went way beyond my expectations of what I thought I would get from the course…on a few levels..
Your delivery… your presence your engagement with the various attendees… and ease was exceptional…as for the course material…it’s really opened my eyes….to STOP second guessing my self and decisions …and to remain standing within my own truth…to work on self belief..and pay more attention to my gut instinct…which… ultimately..in the end…is what we all roll back to..
As an example of where I can instantly see the positive effects of your course this morning…I stopped off to do a bit of retail therapy…I found myself (for once) trying on clothes that before I would have thought would do noting for me…I’m the proud new owner of a new outfit that ..if I went in yesterday..I knew I would have not given a second glance too..🤣
So…I am keeping your beautiful mantras in mind and taking on board your neuroscience guidance and rewiring my thinking …change comes from within

I cannot wait for your next course

Thank you Thank You Thank You

Ashling, Co Wicklow.”


“Wow what an amazing workshop. It has helped immensely to overcome blocks. I feel so empowered and focused that it has taken me a few weeks to write this as I’ve been so proactive in a new venture busy busy it feels so good to have the tools to work on all that was blocking me. I am so grateful to Hilary for this,yet words can’t seem to justify it. A gazillion thank you xxxx

Eileen, Wexford.”




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By: Hilary Connor


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