Coaching with Neuroscience

Coaching Programs to Awaken, Align and Actualize your potential & success

I facilitate active sessions targeting issues that are manifesting in your professional and personal life and help you make long-lasting change to remove barriers that are impeding your dreams.

Individual Career Coaching

Executive Coaching

Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Coaching for Business Owners

Coaching for Holistic Practitioners & Therapists

Coaching for Young Adults & Students

Coaching for Life Stressors with Neuroscience

Anxiety, stress management, and coping with life transitions are my expertise. I guide clients in developing strong skills in these areas:

Stress Reduction

Managing Anxiety

Coping Skills

Facing and dissolving fear

Work-Life Balance

Coaching for Career Challenges with Neuroscience

I specialize in working with executives, high potential managers, business owners, professionals and individuals in career transitions to address career crises.

Managing new leadership responsibilities

Changing careers

Struggles with growing your business

Identifying areas of growth potential

Job search

Coaching Young Adults with Neuroscience

My young adult coaching program is a powerful tool that facilitates the holistic growth and development of the young adult.

The program places strong focus on building confidence, positive self perception and strong sense of self.

It is designed to encourage a growth mind set, increase focus and concentration skills and prepare students and young adults for the challenges of a competitive, changing world.

Throughout the program I partner with your child and guide them to build skills in the following areas:

Goal Setting

Designing and planning goal achievement

Develop focus and concentration skills

Study tips and techniques and identifying study methods for best performance



Self Talk & Suggestion Management

Decision making skills

Managing setbacks

Develop grit, fortitude & resilience

Identify boundaries and tolerances

Build confidence

Build strong sense of self

Banking success

The Young Adult Coaching with Neuroscience program is facilitated either on a one2one or as a group program (example: student group). Get in touch for more details.

For further information on any of my coaching programs or discuss the desired changes you would like to create get in touch today.