Children & Teens

Personally, as a mum to three girls I am seeing a growing increase in stress triggers for kids.

In recent years more and more parents are contacting me seeking help for their children. In today’s world there is so much more stress than ever before. Anxiety in kids is a growing epidemic and the healing centre is seeing a significant increase in kids come through the doors for help with the a multitude of stress related issues

Children by nature are like sponges to energy and suggestion and all kids respond differently to both positive and negative energy. Whether it is social anxiety, exam performance anxiety or general low self-esteem, the fact is that kids don’t know how to manage the tormenting discomfort and it can take its toll on their mind, body and spirit.

Common symptoms I have seen are:

Lack of interest in extra curricular activities

A spontaneous resistance to attending school

Worry over the future or worrying over ‘nothing’

Apathy over exams or study

Low concentration

Sever tummy aches

Head aches

Dizziness, light-headed or feeling faint for no apparent reason.

Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness are an effective, natural and safe approach to help kids gain clarity and feel calm, in control of their feelings and confident in themselves. The techniques I work with help the child manage irrational fears and know they are safe and secure in their everyday environments.

Because every child is different, all treatments are unique and tailored to the individual.

A typical session would involve a brief chat with your child. This is inter-active, and your child gets to explain how they are feeling, allowing me to gain a sense of their world. I explain the process of hypnotherapy and how it is effective in helping them align with how they want to feel. This is followed by a deep relaxation therapy where we address what needs to be addressed through a process of reframing, desensitization and positive reinforcement.  The effect is your child centres into a sense of feeling in control again. As with all treatments I follow up with ‘self-hypnosis techniques.’ These are exercises that your child can do at home to train the whole self to feel the way they want to feel and do what they want to do.

For children under 18 a parent or guardian must be present during the session.

Session Price: €50

Duration: 1 hour

If you feel Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness could be of help to your child feel free to give me a call and have a chat.