8 Tips to help with anxiety

If you are feeling anxious, depressed or even a little low, here is a very simple tips to help you reconnect back to you again.

1. Ask yourself:
Am I spending time around the following people?
People who are:
Negative Overpowering
Judgemental Controlling
Dishonest Egotistical Domineering Nasty

If so, be aware that being around this type of person with drain your heart and soul overtime. The last thing you want to do is be like them or ‘play them at their own game’ so it’s absolutely necessary to stand back and take yourself out of their company. In some cases this may be easier said than done eg; work commitments/family members. In which case you need to look at setting in place a long term plan to either find a new job or set a long term practice in place, that enables you to grow in confidence and have a much stronger sense of self. From there, overtime, you will naturally find yourself setting new boundaries and becoming more assertive. In a lot of cases, overpowering people know who and when they can test and tend to choose the more vulnerable in their company, when you take the time and focus on becoming stronger in who you are, they get the message and will move on.

2. Spend time alone.

Perhaps only for a few minutes each morning. During this time remind yourself of the really wonderful person you are and really feel that too. Do this exercise with a light – hearted, loving approach. Feel your sense of self and what it’s like to be you. You will find yourself enjoying being with your own company and you will become aware of your strengths too. This exercise also encourages a stronger sense of self. From your heart think of the positive character traits you are feeling eg; witty, genuine, caring, kind, fun, understanding, wise, considerate and be aware that these are the character traits you bring to the world around you. You will find this an excellent way to increase your self-confidence and feel more grounded when facing situations you would have found more challenging in the past.

3. Surround yourself with positive people and people you can relate to in a positive way. Choose people who lift you up, as opposed to people who bring you down.

4. Go outside in nature, get moving and awaken the senses, see, feel, hear and touch. It’s mother nature, creation and made from the same essence and intelligence as you are.

5. Eat and drink something that will nurture and purify your body.

6. Listen to your favourite uplifting music, it’s a powerful energy cleanser.

7. Put down the phone & tablet.
(Not just yet though, read No 8 first!!)

8. Probably most important of all. Practice Spiritual fitness. Take a few moments to connect to God, call in the Holy Spirit and feel His love flow within and around you. As you do, set your intention to go about your day in the awareness that you are co-creating with the Universe. Through prayer, mindfulness techniques or meditation, consciously remind yourself that you are an infinite child of the Universe, a Spirit Being having a human experience and that your ability to create holds no bounds. In this way you are opening your heart and aligning yourself with the Truth of who you are. Take a deep breath, exhale and go about the rest of your day holding this awareness in all of your cellular system.

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