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Hilary Connor
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September, 2016
Spiritual & Personal Growth
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A little Light on Entities
9/30/2016 6:15:07 PM

A Little Light on Entities
Hi everyone,

By coincidence Issues, worries and questions have come up 4 times in the last week in the healing centre with regards to clearing entities. This area in my opinion is one of the most misunderstood areas in the psycho-spiritual field and I feel I should write a small piece on it from my own perspective to help bring some clarity.

For as long as I can remember people are scared on ‘bumps in the night’. It's the fear of the unknown and not knowing it's power. But here is the biggest misconception of all. The thing that causes you the most harm is not the entity itself, it is in fact YOUR OWN FEAR of the entity.

This week alone clients have reported to me stories about how families have broken up and become divided as a result of negative entities. Others have said that they were in fear of their life and others have told me that ‘psychics’ have come in and shouted, screamed and roared at the negative entity to ‘be gone’ etc and other bravado. One couple were told that they need to enlist and invest in various courses etc otherwise the entity would break up their marriage.

What a load of baloney.

Here's the thing. We’ve all heard that ‘in the beginning there was Light’. That's the truth and that is what and where we all come from. There is nothing else. And the opposite to Light is darkness, however, if Light is all there is, there can, in fact, be no darkness. (I’ll leave that with you)

When you are saying that something is not of Light you are denying that Source is present in everything. Everything comes from and is of Source. But that does not mean that there is no fear, anger, sadness pain etc, of course there is. However all of these emotions can only exist when you are looking away from light. In other words, when you are denying the source of who you are and who everyone and everything else is. Fear can only exist in the absence of Love. Try being afraid while you are in a state of complete self acceptance, it's impossible.

That said, back to entities. When you recognise that EVERYTHING comes from Source you recognise that so too does an entity. However, just like an angry or sad person the entity has forgotten its source, forgotten who he/she is. He/she is in the egoic state in the absence of Love. however, still of Love at the same time. not only that but when we go into a state of fear (our egoic state) we also forget that they are of Light too. and so fear spirals out of control.

I’m not not an expert on space clearing but i have done plenty in my time and i know the fundamentals. and here is the way i see it.  

Imagine if you were lost in an infinite, never ending forest. A long time ago you missed your bus home because you refused to get on board for whatever reason and since found yourself wandering through this forest for a very long time with no end or exit in sight and the hope of finding one is not looking likely for a long time to come. You are in limbo, stuck, lost, trapped with no GPS. Sooner or later you’re going to get bored, frustrated, sad, lonely and even angry. Filled with this sense of hopelessness for a long time, one day, you come across a little cottage in these woods. there is a light on inside. What do you do? If it was me I would immediately be filled with hope and excitement that maybe the people in that cottage may know the way out of this wilderness and help me find my way home. So you go to the door and ring the doorbell. They don't hear you so you run to the window and tap on the window hoping to get their attention. When the people inside see you they do not open the door and let you in, instead they become filled with fear, distrust and by their faces and body language you know they are afraid of you. They run to the window, close the shutters and call the guards. The guards come along and see that you are very frustrated and they mistake your frustration for threatening behaviour, disturbing the peace. They do not listen to what you have to say. You are desperately trying to explain that you are just trying to find your way home and they don't want to listen. You don't look pretty or well groomed in any way (given the circumstances how would you, you have been stuck in limbo for perhaps hundreds of years) You are a stranger that nobody recognises and nobody wants to listen to your story or explanation. And so you are punished further into a prison of limbo. You lose all trust, all hope and you have every reason to do so, because you needed the people in the cottage to see past your ugliness, you needed the guards to listen to you. You needed someone to see that you were the very same as them. Just a guy who looked different and was from out of town trying to find his way home. Instead, everyone's fear blinded them from seeing your light. and all trust is gone. what would you do if this was you?

Needless to say this hypothetical story is an analogy for how it feels for what we deem to be ‘negative entities’. the world we live in today, fosters and encourages drama and fear around what we cannot physically see and deems it to be evil. look at that word evil, now spell it backwards….LIVE. in all living things on all dimensions there is light, all living things are of light. People's perceptions are backwards, that's all.

Come from your heart with love and respect for self and all things and when you do you I promise, it's not just ‘evil spirits’ you will see differently, it is absolutely everything.

With love my friends,

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