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Life Management Programme
Life Management Programme

My Life Management Programme is designed and structured to treat all areas of life where you would like to gain a strong sense of control over any thought processes and behavioural patterns.

The Life Management Programme has proven to have a high success rate, with an overall average of 95% success with over 150 clients in recent years.

It is quite beneficial in the areas of treating:

Long term Anxiety/Depression
Long term Fears & Phobias
Personal/Career related stress management
Weight Loss
Study & exam performance
Sports performance
Confidence building

The programme aims to desolve old self-limiting patterns and get you to a place where you know you are completely in control and can easily manage what once used to cause you worry, stress or anxiety in the past.

Here are the details of what is involved:

My life management programme includes 4 hypnotherapy sessions. During this journey we will work together to:

Reframe and desensitize old unwanted thoughts and behavioural patterns,

Foster a positive mindful state that will naturally become a habit with your commitment and focus.

Create new self-suggestion management techniques, that will continue to help you to feel, think and behave the way that serves your peace and happiness, so as feeling strong and in control is natural to you.

Establish set goals so as to ground your new mind set

Create positive reinforcement and anchoring techniques to solidify your new thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Assist and support you on your journey to success and positive transformation

The tools and techniques I will give you during the programme aim to serve and be of help and benefit to you long term, helping you to reinforce the positive  experiences for as long as they are useful to you.

The fee for the programme is €340
This is broken down as follows:
First session €100 (1.5 - 2 hours)
Each subsequent session €80 (1 hour)
From experience the sessions are most effective when the are within 2 weeks of each other, therefore the programme is completed within 8 weeks approx.



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